“American” Arrested at LAX on Terrorism Charges:

One proclaimed his wish to join the group and die a martyr on a battlefield. Although Yemen was attractive for its natural beauty, the men agreed they’d prefer to fight in Syria. They would drink wine together in the paradise that awaited them after they were killed, they said.

Unbeknown to the men, they were not alone on the call. Federal agents were listening.

Details of the phone call were contained in an FBI agent’s affidavit that was part of a criminal complaint filed Friday against Nader Elhuzayel and Muhanad Badawi, both 24. In the complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Orange County, prosecutors accused the men of “conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.”

“My son is not the man these people say he is. He is a good child and a good brother,” said Salem Elhuzayel, his father, before Block read the charges.

Elhuzayel’s mother dismissed the allegations against her son as “impossible.” Speaking on the phone before his court appearance, Falak Elhuzayel described her son as “a very good kid — not the kind of person who would fit into this kind of category.

Of course he’s not. As is always the case, the really good stuff is found in the criminal complaint, which you can access right here. There are some juicy nuggets in there. Naturally, being modern jihadists, the two men both kept several Facebook and twitter accounts. So one day, Badawi posted a picture of four guys wearing “fuck Isis” shirts on Elhuzayel’s Facebook page:

ELHUZAYEL commented “look at these kaffirs” [a kaffir is a derogatory term used to describe a disbeliever, or someone who rejects Allah]. BADAWI then commented “Lol bunch of tight Jeaned shiny faced kafirs. We should take them to a tall building and push them off because they look like a bunch of homosexuals.”

Tight Jeaned? Well, at least they didn’t use slurs, I guess.  When calling for someone to be put to death, it’s important to avoid derogatory remarks. Some more:

ELHUZAYEL: ISIS is getting ready to attack Israel now?  This is getting exciting, looking forward to see some yahoodi [a derogatory term for a Jewish person] heads rolling, or dead bodies carrying their own yahoodi heads, and jihadi john doing this stance on them.
(attached a link to a picture of a man lying on his stomach, with another man, presumably “Jihadi John” [a known ISIL member], sitting on top of the man holding the prone man’s
head back, displaying the man’s severed neck and a bloody knife)

I’ll just pause here a minute to remind you that this is a guy who was born in in the United States and has lived here all his life. HE GREW UP IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, for chrissakes. Bedawi has been here for a mere 8 years, arriving when his family immigrated here from the Sudan.

There was some more good stuff. Remember the Texas “draw Mohammed” contest? The news that the two shooters had gone to meet their eternal reward courtesy of a Texas cop with grapefruit-sized nuts spread quickly, and the two bumblers joked about it on twitter:

On the same date, after Simpson’s (Texas shooter) #texasattack tweet, ELHUZAYEL responded, on his public Twitter account, “aatawaakul allahuakbar brother was it you??”  One hour later, ELHUZAYEL tweeted again, “@atawaakul I love you for the sake of Allah
brother may Allah grant you Jannat al ferdaus (highest level of paradise that includes martyrs.)

Then, ELHUZAYEL tweeted,  “Allahu Akbar may allah accept the brother.” At 8:03 p.m. on the
same date, ELHUZAYEL tweeted, “And just like that our noble brother came as a stranger and left as a stranger. May Allah accept him as a Shaheed [martyr].”

Now, even with jihadists, there are some urges even stronger than to become a soldier of Allah. Like the urge to get some of that sweet, sweet Princess of Allah nookie. Apparently, Elhuzayel had linked up with a hot ISIS groupie on the internet and was trying to get a piece of Dat Azz:

a. In approximately March 2015, after ELHUZAYEL made statements indicating future travel to Palestine, he was introduced online to a woman in Palestine.

b. Beginning on or about March 29. 2015, ELHUZAYEL and the woman communicated nearly daily via the Internet.

c. ELHUZAYEL and the woman agreed to marry, and have
professed love for each other.

g. Since meeting ELHUZAYEL on the Internet, the woman has publicly tweeted and pro-jihad messages, including the following on May 5. 2015:

I may not be able to join in jihad and fight but I can raise the next line of Mjahideen InshaAllah and I encourage the sisters to do the same.

I won’t lie: to me you aren’t a man if you don’t fight for this Ummah, for this Deen and for Allah. To me you’re a coward.

Men, we can all appreciate that, right? Women out there still want the old-fashioned kind of guy. The kind of guy that will go chop wood while wearing a flannel shirt. The kind of guy that knows how to catch and clean a fish, fix a car, hunt a bear, and fight for the Islamic State.

Again, I’ll just pause one more time to remind you that this is a Southern-California born American. But hey, if there’s one person you can depend on to defend their miscreant youth, it’s good old mom and dad. Elhuzayel’s mom was in total denial:

She described her son as “Muslim, but not very religious, just normal.” Over the last year, he had become more observant, frequently attending Friday prayer services at a mosque in Anaheim, she said. But she insisted the notion that he could have slipped into the realm of extremism was not possible.

He was, she said, “a simple, gullible, nice kid.”

And for those of you who have been reading the news roundups on a regular basis, you know that I never miss an opportunity to quote the shyster defense attorneys:

“There’s no indication that he had any intention of leaving the country,” Corrigan said, adding her client could be “someone who’s misunderstood, perhaps a college student who got caught up in a conversation he shouldn’t have.”

You catch that? Classic defense attorney misdirection. See, he COULD BE like a college student; just misunderstood! He ISN’T, but let’s not get into who or what may or may not be A Thing.

You know, I’m semi-torn about this. On one hand, this is almost like a bad Marx Brothers movie or something. Only instead of Larry, Moe, and Curly, it’s a couple of bumbling would-be soldiers of Allah. Honestly, I think they’d be in for a rude awakening once they actually found themselves surrounded by hardcore, battle-hardended jihadis.

They grew up in America, after all. Sure, they want to fight for the Caliphate. But they probably also appreciate being able to check their iPhones on the free wi-fi while sipping on their non-fat, half-caf caramel macchiato at the local Starbucks, followed by a leisurely trip over to the boardwalk to ogle the forbidden-yet-hot kaffir SoCal chicks. We’ve seen disgruntled wanna-be soldiers come home before, after all. I mean, it’s sort of funny.

On the other hand, we have laws now that make providing materiel support to known terrorist organizations a federal crime, so there’s that. Honestly? My opinion is, let them go to Syria or Yemen or whatever other country they want. Don’t even bother trying to stop them. But unless you had a VERY good reason to go over there, you don’t get to come back. No arguments.

I know what you’re thinking: Who will be the decider of who has a reason, and who doesn’t? ME. Everyone who is traveling to the Middle East, get in line. I’M THE DECIDER.

Cool Video of the Week- Denali Time Lapse

A friend of mine on one of the PJ teams recently returned from Alaska, where he spent some weeks training and patrolling Denali National Park up in Alaska. He set up his camera and shot this cool time-lapse video up at camp #11. Seems… unpleasant.

Chief of Elite, U.S.-Trained Tajikistan Police Unite Defects to ISIS:

In late April, the chief of an elite police unit in Tajikistan disappeared. Relatives said Col. Gulmurod Khalimov, who commanded the Tajik Interior Ministry’s special forces, had gone on a business trip. Other rumors suggested he had vanished after falling out with colleagues at a high-level meeting.

Now, there appears to be more clarity: Khalimov is in Syria and has defected to the Islamic State.

Whoops. That’s ok. What’s the worst he can do, anyway? It’s not our problem. He’s really passionate about returning back to Tajikistan and getting the band back together:

“Listen, you dogs, the president and ministers,” Khalimov says in the video, “if only you knew how many boys, our brothers are here, waiting and yearning to return to reestablish sharia law there.”

Well, the good news is, that the Washington Post took pains to explain that Khalimov was addressing Tajikistan’s long-ruling President Emamoli Rahmon, who apparently has become, ah, DISPLEASED with the islamists and has instituted a crackdown on them in Tajikistan, including limiting beards, hijab, and children praying. So we’re good, right?

Listen, you American pigs, I’ve been three times to America, and I saw how you train fighters to kill Muslims,” he said. “God willing, I will come with this weapon to your cities, your homes, and we will kill you.”


Baltimore Carnage Continues:

Perrine’s brother is one of 36 people killed in Baltimore so far this month, already the highest homicide count for May since 1999. But while homicides are spiking, arrests have plunged more than 50 percent compared to last year…

…Now West Baltimore residents worry they’ve been abandoned by the officers they once accused of harassing them. In recent weeks, some neighborhoods have become like the Wild West without a lawman around, residents said.

“Before it was over-policing. Now there’s no police,” said Donnail “Dreads” Lee, 34, who lives in the Gilmor Homes, the public housing complex where Gray, 25, was arrested.

Donnail, you’re 34 freaking years old; a grown-ass man. Time to lose the stupid nickname.

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said last week his officers “are not holding back” from policing tough neighborhoods, but they are encountering dangerous hostility in the Western District.

“Our officers tell me that when officers pull up, they have 30 to 50 people surrounding them at any time,” Batts said.

Veronica Edmonds, a 26-year-old mother of seven in the Gilmor Homes, said she wishes the police would return and focus on violent crime rather than minor drug offenses.

“If they focused more on criminals and left the petty stuff alone, the community would have more respect for police officers,” she said.

Veronica… did you happen to give any thought about maybe not having any more kids since you were poor and living in public housing after, oh, I don’t know, number 3 or so?  SEVEN KIDS.

I said pretty much what I had to say last week, so I won’t belabor the point anymore. Suffice it to say: We are watching an American city annihilating itself. Here, in 2015. So as yet another young mother and her 7 year old son are killed by warring gang members, I’ll just shake my head at the damn SENSELESSNESS of it all.  I even reached out to one of the shyster “civil rights” tweeters who was bashing the Baltimore Mayor for some answers:


He didn’t respond. I sent others, asking the same question, to other activists. None responded.

You have a major American metropolitan area tearing itself to pieces, and everyone’s sitting around scratching their heads. If you really cared, as a mayor or police chief, you tell all the beard-scratching civil rights weenies to go to hell, and you tell your officers to go bust some heads. You have little kids being shot in the head in the streets, goddammit. And you TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. This is an abomination.

Gen. MacArthur up there was last seen protesting at the building of a new facility being built in Baltimore to house the city’s many criminal juvenile gang members. Let that sink in for a while.

The Drones Will Kill Us All:

MARBLEHEAD (CBS) – A drone flying above a Memorial Day parade crowd lost control, crashed into a building, and landed on a man’s head.

Luckily, the incident only left Scot Yount with minor injuries. But the Marblehead resident knows the story could have had a much different ending.

Moments earlier, Yount had been holding his one-year-old daughter, Ellery. Like other parade attendees, he noticed the tiny aircraft hovering above the crowd, capturing video of the festivities.

I know there have been countless stories about the coming drone swarms in the skies above. We’ll have everything: Amazon drones, vegetable delivery drones, killer swarming bee drones, and more. But color me skeptical.  One of these days, some huge ten foot drone is going to malfunction and crash into a schoolbus full of nuns taking kids with down’s syndrome to the park, turning the entire bus into a fireball. And that’ll be the end of that. It’s only a matter of time.

Hillary Clinton Finds Perfect Male Model For Hillary Merch:


If there was ever a textbook male incarnation for the male Hillary Clinton supporter, it’s this guy that she found to hawk her campaign merchandise. Look at him; bask in his non-threatening glory. His pale skin. His complete lack of muscle tone. The soft, paunchy belly. His hairless chest. The beginnings of a glorious double chin.

You can tell he’s the kind of guy who would eagerly attend a “black lives matter” rally, as long as it didn’t have too many black people. He is not a homosexual, but kind of wishes he was. He is firmly ensconced in the Friend Zone with 17 women, all of whom hate themselves for banging bearded ex-marines who never call them. He has a subscription to Mother Jones magazine, considers Lena Dunham the voice of his generation, and believes the NRA is worse than ISIS.

Of course, being a good young liberal, he also fervently believes in giving illegal aliens the right to vote, and criminalizing speech with which he disagrees.  Both his handshake and genitals are limp, sweaty, and in all ways, unmemorable. He has never driven a car with a V8 engine, touched a gun, or used a power saw. He has never performed a deadlift. If a man attempts to look him in the eye while speaking with him, he sobs uncontrollably.

His wry smile that says, “Sure, MADAME SECRETARY Clinton has lied, hid documents, and taken tens of millions of dollars in bribe money donations from foreign governments for her grifter foundation, which only donates a tiny percentage while keeping the rest to pay for lavish salaries, meals, and travel around the world, possibly with underage prostitutes, but I’m still campaigning for her! Because Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio are GROSS RETHUGLICANS, AMIRITE?” 

And as bad as this model is? It can always be worse. (shudder)

Fat Kid No Longer Fat, Ready to Kick Ass:

A Roseberg, Oregon, man wanted so badly to follow his father’s bootsteps into the U.S. Army that he lost 180 lbs. to qualify, and soon will travel across the country to attend basic training in Georgia.

“I wanted to be like my dad and defend my country,” Jesse Milbrat, 20, tells PEOPLE. “For me, the path was a little harder than it is for most people, but I made sure I did it.”

Jesse’s dad, Todd Milbrat, earned his coveted Ranger tab and served with the Army in Desert Storm. He also served as a role model for his young son.

OUT GODDAMN STANDING, Milbrat. You and your ironic last name are an inspiration to everyone. He didn’t go off trying to have some doctor mutilate his stomach cavity with staples, he did it the old-fashioned way, by working his ass off and not stuffing his suck with pie every ten minutes.

“I’ve been preparing myself,” Jesse tells PEOPLE. “I’ve been going into a sauna to do abs work and pushups.” He also has been working out inside a steam room. “It’s 180 degrees and humid in there. Fort Benning can’t be any worse than that.

Hmmm… Debatable, Milbrat. Highly, highly debatable. Fort Benning in July might be the worst place in the United States. Carry on.

There Are None So Blind as Those Who Will Not See:

The Iraqi army’s willingness to let Ramadi fall to ISIS “surprised all of us,” Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq told CNN on Monday.

Uh, what do you mean “US,” kemosabe?

“It’s not clear for us why such a unit, which was supposed to be trained by the Americans for years, and supposed to be one of the best units in the army, would withdraw from Ramadi in such a way.”

“This is not the army that we are willing to see or we are expecting to see.”…

“They were not outnumbered,” Carter told CNN’s Barbara Starr in an exclusive interview. “In fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force. And yet they failed to fight; they withdrew from the site.”

“And that says to me, and I think to most of us, that we have an issue with the will of the Iraqis.

We’ve been saying this for literally years. Nobody listens. I am slightly encouraged, though, by the thought that our SecDef, Ash Carter, was actually the one saying it. Usually, it’s some guy waaaaaay down the chain of command blasting the Iraqi fighting capability, while the higher ups talk about how super they are. Maybe it’s starting to sink in?

Army Special Forces Officer Investigated for Whistleblowing:

More than a decade ago, Army Lt. Col. Jason Amerine was one of the first U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Now he’s heading into retirement under scrutiny by the Army for raising concerns to Congress about the way the United States negotiates to get back Americans held hostage overseas.

Amerine, a Green Beret officer, is preparing to leave the Army in coming days, according to his social media accounts. But Army Criminal Investigation Command began probing what he disclosed to members of Congress several months ago, and it isn’t clear whether that will affect his future.

The Army’s actions have raised concerns on Capitol Hill, where Reps. Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif.) and Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) petitioned Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond T. Odierno in February to stop what they characterized a “retaliatory investigation” against the Special Forces soldier.

Hmmm. Go read the whole thing. The long and short of it is: Lt. Col. Amerine feels that he is being wrongfully investigated for talking about how the FBI botched a hostage rescue overseas, and that this investigation is to somehow punish him for it. The FBI isn’t talking, and neither is the Army, except to say that they don’t launch investigations for retaliatory purposes. Not a lot to go on.

However, there are DEFINITELY strong whistleblower protections built into the system to protect those coming forward to reveal what they consider some sort of wrongdoing, whether it be fraud, waste, abuse, or something more sinister. So if he felt that shit was being botched, it was well within his rights to tell someone about it. And I’m inclined to give the Amerine the benefit of the doubt here, given that he’s a war hero who knows Afghanistan inside and out. We’ll wait and see.

New York Hotel Kicks Out Sailor:

NEW YORK, May 27 (UPI) — A New York hotel apologized after a sailor was turned away from the business’ cocktail lounge because her U.S. Navy uniform was not up to dress code.

Ryan O’Connor, husband of the sailor’s cousin, said he was with the group Saturday night when they attempted to visit the Standard Hotel’s Top of the Standard rooftop lounge and the Navy officer, who was in town for Fleet Week, was told by a ground floor bouncer that her uniform did not match the lounge’s dress code.

“We walked in, went to the elevator and were stopped by a doorman who said, ‘Hey man, there’s a dress code,'” O’Connor told the New York Daily News. “I said, ‘Wait, are you rejecting us because someone is in a service uniform?’ He kind of rolled his eyes and wouldn’t budge.”

In this day and age of social media, only an idiot would do this. Guy: What do you think is going to happen when your snooty uptown hotel turns away a uniformed member of the armed services? On the other hand, it sort of depends on which uniform, right? Especially the Navy, which has like 75 different uniforms. If she was wearing those hideous blue BDUs, maybe they SHOULD have refused her entry. That thing is a crime against humanity.

Cult’s High Priest Issues Bizarre Proclamation:

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus wants more female Marines in the Corps, a goal the service’s recruiting command say they were working toward before the call to action.

Mabus announced a plan to boost the sea service’s enlisted female recruitment efforts to at least 25 percent of all accessions during a mid-May speech at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. The move, he said, will help attract, recruit and retain women in communities in which they are underrepresented.

“[We] need more women in the Navy and Marine Corps; not simply to have more women, but because a more diverse force is a stronger force,” Mabus told an auditorium of midshipmen.

So where did he come up with the 25% number? He pulled it out of his ass, that’s how. And why not? Nobody will dare question “why?” or, “how?” or, “how many cocktails did you have today?” So he might as well just make up a nice big number. But the best line of the article came later:

Of the Corps’ nearly 3,900 recruiters, only 166 are women, Piper said. And officials do not intentionally pair women recruiters with potential female poolees, he said.

“To us, Marines are Marines,” Piper said.

HAHAHAHA! Well, CLEARLY, that’s a lie. If Marines were Marines, you wouldn’t be absolutely OBSESSED on whether a certain amount have vaginas. Or have black skin, or white skin, or, as in the case of your humble author, a smooth, sexy, creamy, dark-olive glowing skin.

SEALs Are Also Under Scrutiny By Mabus:

“Keep the standards,” he said. “Do not lower standards in any regard.”

Mabus said the Navy Department will make recommendations about how to integrate women as Navy special operators, the last jobs closed to them, to President Obama and Defense Secretary Ash Carter later this year.

This would also affect the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, infantry and other combat jobs still closed to women, as well as the corpsmen and other sailors assigned to these units.

Though he would not elaborate on how standards could change once women are allowed to attend Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training, he alluded to the idea that the special operator fitness standards as they exist are about to change.

“First we’re going to make sure there are standards, second that they’re gender-neutral and third that they have something to do with the job,” Mabus told Navy Times.

Everyone got that? The standards WILL NOT CHANGE. We will just make sure there isn’t a REASON to have a standard. What a buffoon. He’s asking to tie each individual physical exercise standard to a specific task, which is absurd. A lot of it isn’t really specific; these are just overall fitness levels to ensure that a special operator has the physical strength to deal with any situation that may come up. Trying to force the command staff to tie it to a specific task is stupid.

Take the USAF Pararescue Selection week 8 standard for running. You had to do 6 miles in under 42 minutes. Now, if you were making me write down exactly which task that was necessary for, I’d kind of be at a loss. Uh, running towards the enemy faster? I could go on and on about various hypothetical situations which require cardio-vascular endurance and lower body muscle tone, but it’s hard to tie it to specifics or translate it well into some nice, neat memo.

This is the U.S. Military, after all. BY GOD, there will be a memo. Does this make sense?

Naked Prophet Arrested, Achieves Zen:

Sofrep ladies, you have to admit: I’ve been good to you lately. I’ve been filling the roundups with pictures of hunky operator guys doing cool operator-guy stuff. Well, I’m going to regress JUST A BIT here:


ST. PETERSBURG — They say a prophet is never welcome in his hometown.

That could be the case for Carl Wright, 46, who with the wild hair of stereotypical guru, was arrested Wednesday morning for meditating NAKED at a St. Petersburg bus stop.

The officer wrote Wright was seen behind in “plain, public sight” behind a bus stop “sitting naked in a meditation like pose while completely nude.”

Wright was charged with disorderly conduct and is being held in lieu of $250 bond.

Wright, who officers say is a transient, has faced a number of charges including public intoxication and trespassing over the past few years.

STILL more desirable than the Hillary Clinton male model. Send me any tips @BKactual.