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News Roundup: CCT officers integrate with MARSOC, First female SEAL on horizon?, Grossest food picture ever

by BK Jul 23, 2017
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News Roundup: CCT officers integrate with MARSOC, First female SEAL on horizon?, Grossest food picture ever

Combat Control officers do training embed with USMC Raiders:

For the first time, two special tactics airmen integrated into Marine Raider training to learn how to lead a joint ground force.

The officers from the Special Tactics Training Squadron at Hurlburt Field, Florida, spent four months, from January to April, immersed in the first phase of Marine Special Operations Command’s seven-month Individual Training Course.

The two airmen took part alongside nearly 100 Marines.

Col. Michael Martin, commander of the 24th Special Operations Wing, said he’s on a quest to provide joint training opportunities for his force…

..The first six weeks of the MARSOC training taught the participants the skills they would need for the duration of the course, the airmen said. This included communications and medical training.

After that was three weeks of Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training, followed by two weeks of amphibious assault training in Key West, Florida. The final four weeks of the course focused on ground tactics.”

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