Updates On the Charleston Shooting:

CHARLESTON, S.C. (CBS Atlanta/AP) — A white man opened fire during a prayer meeting inside a historic black church in downtown Charleston on Wednesday night, killing nine people, including the pastor, in an assault that authorities described as a hate crime.

The shooter remained at large Thursday morning and police released photographs from surveillance video of a suspect and a possible getaway vehicle.

CBS News reports worshippers were at the church at the time for Bible study.

This is a shocking, heinous act. To murder unarmed people in cold blood in a house of worship is the act of an evil man. It is actually hard to believe that this happened in 2015, but here it is. It made me even more upset when I found out that the scumbag Dylan Roof surrendered peacefully:


To my dismay, Dylan Roof decided to cooperate when approached by the police. I was hoping one of the responding officers would pull the old, “he was reaching for his waistband,” and plug him on the spot, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. So now, we face years and years of lawyers arguing in court over nonsense while the families have to wait for justice, just like the James Holmes trial. (STILL going on, by the way.) Hopefully, he’ll get the death penalty in short order.

Speaking of the death penalty, I wonder… will all of the newspaper editorial boards handwring over the imposition of the death penalty like they did with Dzhokokar Tsarnaev?