The South Carolina Cop, the Classroom, and the Fiasco:

The South Carolina sheriff’s deputy seen in a viral video flipping a female student out of her desk in a classroom has been fired from his job, authorities said on Wednesday.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said at a press conference that Senior Deputy Ben Fields was terminated after it was determined by the office that the action he used to remove the student from did not follow proper procedure.

The student was being disruptive and refused to leave the classroom despite being told by a teacher and administrator to do so, Lott said, and that’s when Fields was brought in Monday at about 11 a.m. to remove her. She again refused, and Fields told her she was under arrest, Lott said.

She continued to refuse, and at that point the video shows the deputy flipping the teen backward and then throwing her across the room. At that point, Lott said, Fields did not use proper procedure.

I know we as a society have lost all ability to think and speak critically and logically about any action involving cops, use of force, and race, but since some friends and I had a pretty animated discussion about this occurrence, I thought, what the Hell? I’d try and talk us through it.

If you haven’t heard about this story yet, here’s a quick review of what we know so far: A student was messing around with her cell phone in class. The teacher asked her to put it away and she refused. The teacher then demanded the phone, which the student refused to hand over. So the teacher told her to leave the classroom. Again, she refused. So the teacher called in a school administrator, and that person asked her to leave. Again, she refused.

So then the administrator called in what’s know as a school resource officer (SRO), who is a sworn police officer. He tells her to leave. She refuses. He tells her, “Leave, or I’m going to make you leave.” Once more, a refusal. So he then takes her arm, preparing to escort her out, and she takes some swings, and then you have the chaos in the video.

In my opinion, this was a politically motivated firing, and this officer didn’t deserve it. Once all of the shrieks of horror have subsided, I’ll explain.

This should have never gone beyond the point of the school administrators.

If you want to try the velvet glove approach, fine. Then let the teachers, principals, and guidance counselors handle it. If you’re going to have a police officer in the school, then be very clear about what his role is. Is he there to be a school counselor, or is he there to be The Hammer in case of violence? Thanks to various YouTube videos, we can see happens all the time.

Once you call The Hammer in to be used, and a kid resists, it’s no longer a school problem. It’s a law enforcement problem. If you don’t like that, then get rid of the cops, or change the policy.

There’s also a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking going on with all the suggestions about what the cop and the teachers could’ve done. And they were pretty much all either wrong, or not thought all the way through. Let’s start with the actual event.

One of many, many opinions I saw on TV was to just ignore the child and let her stare into her cell phone. Sure, we could do that. Let’s just let all the kids do it. Because once they see that they can, they’ll all want to. In fact, let’s just close the school down and save some money. In other words, we just give up on them and expect nothing. And if the kid is doing something that is annoying others, like playing a loud game or loud videos, OH WELL. Screw those other kids who want to learn. And then, all of the beard-scratchers with education doctorates will sit around for the next 50 years, just like they’ve done for the last 50, and wonder why the kids are doing so shitty in public school. So that is definitely an option. I would gently suggest that it is a bad one.

Cop that hid outside during Parkland school shooting did nothing wrong, federal judge rules

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As for the actual arrest? I’ve seen a lot of people upset by how “violent” it was. I would love to see what all of these highly qualified use-of-force experts could’ve done with an angry student who refuses to leave. If you’ve ever had kids, and you’ve had to wrestle an angry six-year-old throwing a full-blown tantrum out of the playground, you know what a challenge that can be. You look like a monster.

There is no way in hell you would be able to get a 110-pound, 16-year-old female who is FIGHTING YOU out from behind a desk like that without making it look horrible on video.

Go ahead. Try it. It’s impossible. In fact, let’s be real: Every arrest where someone doesn’t want to go looks horrible on video. How many times have you heard people shaking their heads about violence in schools and the streets, saying, “Someone should do something!” Well, this is what it looks like, folks. If you like the sausage, don’t start carrying on about how it’s made.

Frankly, I’ve seen 10-year-olds in jiu-jitsu class throwing each other around with just as much vigor. Just because this upsets all the soccer mommies and effete journalists doesn’t mean it was monstrous. Forgive me if I don’t listen to the people who have never done hand-to-hand training before in their lives talk about how “harsh” something was. And it would have been a lot less visually impactful if she had just gotten up.

Some have suggested he should have dragged the desk out into the hall. Well, that’s assuming that she would allow you to drag the desk out into the hall without fighting THAT, which I doubt. And then, once it’s out there, now what? I also heard that he should have cleared the classroom. Again, then what? Just so it’s not on video? So they don’t have a problem with the act itself, just that it’s on video? Very confusing.

Sheriff Lott never explains what “proper procedure” actually is.

I mean what’s he supposed to do? Use a Taser? How would that have looked? Or give up? Take a look, and say, “Eh, not my problem. You deal with it,” to the teachers and walk away? Can he legally do that?

Then there’s all the irrelevant talking points. “He was strong!” Uh, so what? Would you rather all cops be frail 90-pound old ladies? “She was in foster care!” And? That gives you the right to do whatever you want? “If they can do this, than these jackbooted thugs could do this to you while you’re peacefully protesting!” That’s so dumb it’s barely worth addressing, but here goes: Wanting to Snapchat with your friends in school is not the same as Thomas Jefferson wanting free speech, or MLK wanting to not get the shit kicked out of him for looking the wrong way at a white guy, or Susan B. Anthony wanting to vote. So please, stop.

This probably wasn’t the first time this kid was a problem.

There a ton of people assuming this was some angel of a kid. “Why, she was just sitting there quietly studying!” Now, this is pure conjecture, but I’m just guessing that, since the teacher asked her to leave, and didn’t just let her sit there, and that he called the cops in, and then both the teacher AND the administrator stood by in silence when the officer did his thing, that this wasn’t the first time this kid was a problem. She’s clearly emotionally damaged and needs special help, and teaching/inflicting upon her her a little discipline and self-control is a HUGE part of that. Maybe even helpful.

Hillary Clinton killed me with her Tweet saying, “There is no excuse for violence in a public school.” Uh, where has the old bat been for the last couple decades? These videos are just a small sampling of what’s on YouTube. The kids are beating the hell out of each other and snorting bath salts. There’s violence galore.

I’ve seen so many incorrect assumptions about this case on the Internet it’s almost hilarious. Every single print journalist is calling this guy a Nazi.

Once again, (and I’m going to keep saying this) he was CALLED THERE.

By listening to some of these opinions from the punditry, you would’ve thought that this cop was just walking by the student and he didn’t care for the way she was breathing, so he started barking at her and beating the hell out of her. Had that been the case, I would absolutely agree with all of your Nazi Germany analogies and be the first one in line calling for not just his firing, but his prosecution. But that’s not what happened. He was called there to remove A PROBLEM.

Perhaps an analogy is in order: Suppose I’m sitting in a bar and I snap, “Can I get a fucking drink over here?” to the waitress, right? And then I apologize, much like (allegedly) this young girl was apologetic. Moment of weakness, but hey, I’m good now.

But the bartender says, “Hey buddy, we’re not going to serve you, and we’d like you to leave.” And I tell him to blow me. I ain’t going nowhere. And then the bartender goes over and calls the door guy over and HE says, “Sir, we want you to leave.” And again, I say no.

Now the security guy calls the cops. And the cops come over and THEY say you have to leave, and I say no. FINALLY, the cops say, “Buddy, you either leave or we’re gonna make you leave.”

Me: “No. Piss off.”

Cop: (Scratches head, looks confused, talks into the radio) “Guys? Yeah, he says he’s not leaving. Yeah, I know, right? I DID tell him we’d make him leave! Yeah, he still says no! Well, I guess we’re screwed. How about the Cuban place down the street for lunch? Yeah, the one with the funny waiter. I love that guy!”

Ain’t gonna happen. When the cops tell you move or they’re going to make you move because, one more time, THEY’VE BEEN CALLED BECAUSE YOU’RE A PROBLEM, and you tell them you’re not moving? And to top it off, they touch your arm to escort you (known as a “soft touch”  according to a law enforcement friend) and you resist, taking a swing? You have just guaranteed yourself a very bad day. That’s the way cops are trained. If you don’t like the laws, then change them. And let us never forget the most important point of all:

This young woman was in complete control of her destiny from start to finish.

She had chance after chance after chance, and she chose…poorly.

For those complaining about how young she is? She’s not five years old. She’s 16 years old, which is old enough to know better. As a society, we have deemed that 16 is old enough to take a 6000-pound SUV and drive it on the freeway going 70 miles per hour. In a couple of years, she’ll be making terrible political choices. She’s not a little kid anymore, so spare me this “SHE WAS A CHILD!” screaming. Young girls can be vicious, too. Honestly, you think the cops WANT to deal with this crap? Outside of a few psychos, I don’t think so. An ideal day for a cop is a cup of coffee and doing nothing.

I’ve also seen a lot of people try out the old “victim blaming” canard. This is a phrase that I’ve always detested. It implies that nobody is responsible for their actions leading up to something bad happening to them. Except sometimes, you ARE responsible. We all make decisions in life and some of them turn out badly for us. That’s not “victim-blaming,” that is you making poor life choices.

Say I’m in a terrible part of town having an after-work cocktail. Instead of taking a taxi home, I decide I’m gonna walk through the MS-13 gang-infested neighborhood screaming obscenities about El Salvador. Of course, I inevitably get stabbed, beaten, and mugged.

Now is this my fault that I got stabbed? Well, obviously the MAIN fault lies with the guy who did the stabbing. But I certainly contributed to it through my own stupidity with all the actions I took leading up to that moment, no? But anyone who blames my stupidity is “blaming the victim.”

One thing I found amusing: I noticed that she already has her shyster lawyer in full shyster lawyer mode, talking about the many, many, MANY injuries that she sustained:

State Rep. Todd Rutherford (D-Columbia) told WLTX-TV the 16-year-old girl suffered arm, neck and back injuries when Fields grabbed her by the throat and threw her to the ground after the teen refused to hand over her cell phone to a teacher.

“He weighs about 300 pounds,” Rutherford said. “She is a student who is 16 years old, who now has a cast on her arm, a band aid on her neck, and neck and back problems. There’s something wrong here.”

Please show me proof of that. Because I’m an expert in shyster-lawyer speak, I immediately noticed how he says, “she’s got a cast on her arm.” Notice he doesn’t say she had a BROKEN arm, she just has a cast on her arm. Who says that? And a Band-Aid! MY GOD MAN. Keep in mind, the cops said there were no injuries at all, so I’m calling bullshit. But I’m sure the lawyer will be wheeling her out at the press conference in a full-body cast with a HALO brace before the week is out. Gotta get that money, son!

In the end, between the lawsuit from the girl and the inevitable one from the police officer for wrongful termination, this will cost the county a ton of money.

And all those other kids who were doing the right thing by NOT being on their phones and NOT being combative with teachers, trying their best to learn, are the ones who are going to suffer for it. Those are your kids.

This sets a precedent, and now all of those SROs are going to be reluctant to respond to teachers who need assistance.

People have started to wonder if maybe, just maybe, there could be a link between the rising crime rates and the cops’ reluctance to get involved? Who could blame them? What kind of precedent do you think this case is going to set in the schools? Every kid can just tell an SRO, “Touch me and I’ll have you fired.” And all of those SROs are going to just stop responding to teachers who need assistance. Then, a teacher will catch a beating from a student, and all of my beloved beard-scratching doctorates of education will sit around wondering how this could have possibly happened. So by all means, pull every cop out of the schools in a fit of pique.

I’m no cop apologist. Do I like cops? Of course. I live by the beach, which is filled with pieces of crap that try to steal anything that’s not nailed down and will stab you in the eye if you look at them wrong. But I’m the first to call them on it when they are wrong, too. I’m already on the record about that. But, in case you need a refresher, the Tamir Rice case was ridiculous—the cops were dead wrong. The Kelly Thomas case was ridiculous—the cops were terrible. The Walter Scott case was ridiculous—the cop was an idiot. Each and every case needs to be judged by the facts. That’s what smart people do. Morons, on the other hand, are the ones going, “DERRRR ALL COPS ARE BAD ALL THE TIME” or “HERP DERP THE COPS ARE AWSUM ALL THE TIME DERP.”

And I’m no authoritarian. Yes, question authority. Take stands. Speak truth to power. Don’t trust anyone  in public office. Cherish your free speech fanatically. Believe me, I get it. That’s all great. But when you’ve been an asshole, and have had the cops called on you, and refuse to leave peacefully, it’s a different situation. A very important point to remember: The Constitution is slightly different for an underage student inside a public school than it is for an adult on the streets.

And for the people trying to make it a racial issue? This wouldn’t have even made the news if it was, say, a white male acting in the exact same fashion. And yes, cops have to scuff them up too! (I know, CRAZY, right?)

Somehow, I can’t imagine why this didn’t make breaking news all over the country. I never heard of it until I was writing this. By the way, neither of those cops were fired, and the chief defended them. And that resulted in a broken arm!

And even if this video did capture the national attention of the media like the South Carolina one did, I’m sure the tone would have been hugely different. Instead of running non-stop, breathless, hand-wringing coverage, Gawker media would have titled it, “WATCH THIS DOUCHEY BRO-DUDE GET WHAT’S COMING TO HIM.”

That’s how you know the race angle is bullshit. Not that it should matter, but both the teacher and the administrator who called the officer were black, and both were clearly sick of this kid’s shit. To hell with these civil rights grifters who don’t give a rat’s ass about those black teachers, working their asses off doing a thankless job, or those other black kids trying to learn in class. That’s not SEXY, you see. I mean, a DOJ/FBI investigation? Are they kidding?

This officer should be re-hired and sent to the gang unit so he can bust some heads. Or, put him in the worst school in South Carolina. After this, I bet the kids turn into little angels once the teachers invoke his name. The school should refuse to pay a dime to that kid and fight it in court. Drop all of the charges that the young girl is facing.  Chalk it up to a tough lesson learned all around. School of hard knocks, kids. Chris Rock already covered this, right?

There’s a reason I put up all these videos. Look at the lack of respect and contempt for the adults these shitheads have. All of these kids could have benefitted from a little ass-kicking. Spare the rod, spoil the child, and all that crap. We’ve been doing the nice-guy way for decades now, and the public schools get shittier and shittier every year. Maybe it’s time for a different approach—one that doesn’t mind a little discipline.

You know, my uncles used to go the Catholic school in Newark in the 1950s, and they told me some great stories. This stuff happened all. The. Time. Except it was the priests, brothers, and lay teachers doing the ass-kicking if you stepped out of line. The kids learned pretty quick. People are soft these days, man.

So…what do you think?

Looks Like We’re Going to War in Syria:

The U.S. plans to send a small team of Special Operations forces to Syria as boots-on-the-ground advisers to rebel groups, according to military sources.

President Barack Obama has authorized “fewer than 50” Special Operations forces to deploy to northern Syria, The Associated Press reported.

The American troops will assist Kurdish and other rebel groups in the northern part of the country fight militants associated with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, in an effort to jumpstart a push against the self-proclaimed ISIS capital of Raqaa, military sources told

Let’s just enjoy this video clip one more time:

Well, I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal. After all, it’s not like the Unites States has ever turned a “handful of advisors” into a long, bloody, expensive mess in a foreign country with an alien culture before, right? I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?

Oh, Canada:

Canada’s top general plans to hire gender specialists to assist military planners in preparing to fight and operate abroad.

In an interview with CBC News, Gen. Jonathan Vance said the advisers would be assigned to a central staff headquarters in Ottawa, and also to the military’s operational command that oversees all missions at home and abroad.

Vance said the advisers would not necessarily be women, and wouldn’t advise exclusively on questions of gender.

“You’re looking at vulnerable populations — populations that are sometimes invisible to military operations: women, children, the infirm and so on,” Vance said.


Uh-huh. I’m sure ISIS is totally freaking out about the mighty Canadian military right now. Although, who knows? Perhaps they, too, are looking to hire gender specialists.

Longtime readers of the SOFREP News Roundup know there are few things I find more fascinating than bureaucratic gibberish. Here’s a great example:

“It’s an operational staff approach, where just like one would have a legal adviser, an adviser on other sort of specialist activities … and the gender advisers’ role is to work with their staffs in a similar approach to how a lawyer would, to make certain that at the very beginning of a planning cycle, at the very essence of how your plan comes together, that you look at vulnerable populations.”

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Where do people learn to talk like this? Is there a special class you take?

New Battlefield Trauma Gizmos for PJs, Medics:

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (AFNS) — Imagine a future battlefield where an Air Force pararescue jumper treats seven wounded service members at once. He places sensors on their chests, arms and fingers, which immediately feed vital signs to a small wireless computer, no bigger than a cell phone, on his forearm.


As he checks out the fifth person, his computer vibrates. He looks at the computer screen: the second person’s heart rate is dropping. The pararescueman moves back to the second person and performs chest compressions, saving their life.

That future is not far off. Engineers with the 711th Human Performance Wing from the Human Effectiveness Directorate at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, are working on exactly this kind of wearable technology to assist medics in the field.

It’s called BATDOK (Battlefield Airmen Trauma Distributed Observation Kit), and it is part of a larger advanced technology demonstration program known as BATMAN (Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge), which focuses on adapting technologies to dismounted Airmen.

Rich Man Has Too Much Money:

Jesse Itzler has a list of accomplishments a mile long: He co-founded private-jet-card company Marquis Jet, then sold it to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, and helped pioneer the coconut-water craze by partnering with Zico, which they then sold to Coca-Cola. He’s a former MTV rapper, who currently is an owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and is married to Spanx founder Sara Blakely.

Yet for some reason, he decided to hire a Navy SEAL to kick his butt.

SEAL, as he’s known in the book (to protect his identity), moved in with Jesse, Sara and their son in their Central Park West apartment in Manhattan for a month in December 2010. That winter went on to be one of the snowiest on record.

Okaaaaay. The guy is writing a book about how totally awesome this was, for some reason, which is why it’s in the news. The only thing I want to know is how much the old SEAL got paid. Which, sadly, the article fails to mention. I bet it’s a ton. Damn, I need a new job. You think they all slept in the same bed?

Sir, I’m Going to Need to See Your DD-214:

A recent video appears to show a Marine veteran confronting a convenience store clerk in Fresno, California, after the clerk claimed he was a Marine. According to KMPH News, which reported the encounter on Oct. 26, Dave Kind, a Marine veteran, began quizzing a Circle K store clerk after overhearing the man talk about his military service.


After being asked when he deployed, the clerk starts talking about where he went to boot camp — which isn’t really an answer to that question — and says that he’s “no Hollywood Marine,” because he went to boot camp in San Diego, California.

The clerk adamantly claims that “Hollywood Marines” are from Parris Island, South Carolina. They’re not. Hollywood Marines, like this author, went to boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, California.

I love it. Here’s some friendly advice, kids: If you’re planning on lying about being in the military, do NOT, under any circumstances, pick the United States Marine Corps. Those guys are so drilled with history, dates, and place names to memorize, it’s unbelievable. All they have to do is ask you the date of the USMC birthday, or how many Navy Crosses Chesty Puller was awarded, or something like that, and you’re done.

That wouldn’t work for an Air Force guy. If you didn’t believe I was ever in the Air Force, and wanted to trap me with trivia, I would totally fail. Like I know when the goddamn Air Force started? Please. So do your research.

Special Snowflake #1

DENVER, Oct 26 (Reuters) – A Navy veteran from Colorado who identifies as neither male nor female has sued the U.S. Department of State after being denied a passport for refusing to select a gender on the application, court documents showed on Monday.

Dana Zzyym claimed in a federal discrimination lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Denver that it was a constitutional violation to force an “intersex” person to pick either a male or female when seeking to travel abroad.


“I am not male, I am not female, I am intersex, and I shouldn’t have to choose a gender marker for my official U.S. identity document that isn’t me,” Zzyym said in a statement.

The lawsuit names U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the director of the Colorado passport agency as defendants.

Dana…Dana. Look, bro, (I’m just going to use that temporarily for ease of writing. Take it easy.) is it really necessary for you to be this much of a pain in the ass? Hardly ANYONE will ever even see that tiny box you need to check. Is this that much of a weight on your soul? Can you not, for the sake of expediency, just pick a team on the passport? Then, you can continue to refer to yourself as whatever the hell ya want. Jeez.

Now, to Dana’s credit, at least Xe isn’t doing it for money, as Xe is suing only to have the rule changed. But damn, are people really this freaking needy? How much work is getting the lawyers, holding press conferences, and giving interviews versus just checking a box that hardly anyone will ever see?

Special Snowflake #2

In a suit that brings together the Second Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), an Amish man filed a federal lawsuit in Pennsylvania last week because he wants to buy a gun without the required photo ID — and because getting that photo ID would violate his religious beliefs.

Andrew Hertzler, according to the suit, is from Lancaster County, Pa., and is an “active and practicing” member of the community; his “parents, grandparents, and siblings are all active and practicing Amish”; and he “has a sincerely held religious belief that prevents him from knowingly and willingly having his photograph taken and stored.”

I’m getting annoyed with these people who don’t want to follow some extremely simple rules in order to function in society. Yeah, you need to show a photo ID if you want a gun, guy. We’re a civilization now. If you don’t like it, feel free to go out and live in the woods and drive your cart and wear funny hats and whatever else your wacky lifestyle dictates. But when you interact with the rest of us, we’ve decided that we have certain rules in our society. If you don’t like it, just do what everyone else does and go buy a gun in the black market and file the serial numbers off so it can never be traced to you when you have to smoke some fools try and figure something else out. Like, build one at home.

All of these primitive, whacky religious beliefs, whether it’s the Amish, Islam, or Liberalism, are growing tiresome to me. I don’t care if it’s this guy, or the Muslims who won’t take off the headscarf for the driver’s license picture, or the left-wing activists who don’t want anyone to prove their identity before they vote. If you’ve decided to check out of society, fine. But we don’t have to accommodate you CONSTANTLY. Go be weird somewhere else.

A Naked Two-fer:

A very special nudity spotlight this week. Our first story comes out of Miami, because Florida:

A South Florida woman was filmed stripping naked and allowing men to pour ketchup on her inside of a Miami Beach Johnny Rockets restaurant, leading to her arrest this week.

The out of control woman, identified by police as Angelic Isabella Valle, appeared to eat up the attention while simulating a sex act with a steel chair’s leg inserted into her buttocks before climbing onto a table and spreading her legs.


There a mob of swarming men poured condiments and water on her as the 23-year-old mugged for a mass of cell phone cameras hovering over her. At least one man was seen touching her exposed genitals.

You gotta love guys. The second some some boobs come out, they drop their burgers and start making it rain on her with condiments. Classy, Miami.

Her audible mention of the entertainment website World Star Hip Hop, which often features similar obscene videos, led to her video’s posting nine days after the Oct. 9 disruption — generating more than 1 million views and more than 13,000 comments, most of which express shock and appall.

Are people still shocked and appalled? Really? I’m not shocked by anything anymore.

Our second story comes from Pennsylvania, a state that is so bland that I couldn’t think of a suitable adjective to describe it:

A 41-year-old man exposed himself to two women, one of them holding her 9-month-old grandchild, in Allentown last week, according to court records.

Angel T. Feliciano-Pacheco was naked at 9:42 a.m. Thursday when he stepped out of his apartment in the 1100 block of Hamilton Street as the women were leaving their apartment and he asked, “Do you want it?” records show. The women ran and called police.

As Feliciano-Pacheco was taken into custody, he continued to scream at the women, records show.

Is this a numbers game? You think Angel just does this to like 50 chicks, betting that one of them is going to go for it? Let’s see what this nut looks like:

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) addresses delegates during the second session of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 5, 2012. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS) - RTR37J8M

I’m KIDDING, of course. That’s actually a picture of treasonous Marxist nut Luis Gutierrez. We couldn’t find a mugshot of Mr. Feliciano-Pacheco, so I tried to visually illustrate someone who is just as crazy as he is. Twitter is @BKactual.