The Army has already allowed almost 50 81 illegal immigrants to enlist as members of Congress debate whether to allow them to seek citizenship through military service.

Since January, the Army has accepted into the ranks 46 so-called “Dreamers,” or people who have immigrated to the U.S. as children and qualify for President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, according to retired Army Lt. Col. Margaret Stock.

So while the nation is transfixed by the debate over whether or not a well-known sportsball player slightly deflated a sportsball in order to win a sportsball trophy, Congress has snuck an amendment into the latest National Defense Authorization Act calling for more illegal immigrants to be allowed to enlist in the United States Military, if you can believe it.

And there are thousands more waiting to enlist, (Stock) said.

The program will expand to 5,000 enlistees per year in October, she added.

Stock helped create a program that allows highly skilled legal immigrants to enlist in the military as a fast-track to citizenship…

Thousands more? THOUSANDS??? Are they out of their minds? Last time I checked, the Army was fighting to even maintain its personnel levels, not add to them. But they are all doctors and arabic speakers, right?

The program, called Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest, was meant to recruit people with medical training or who speak a critical language, such as Mandarin, Urdu or Arabic.

Starting last year, Congress started allowing DACA-approved illegal immigrants who brought these critical skills to enlist in the military. So, I’m DYING to hear what SPECIFIC critical skills these DACA recipients have brought to the table. You’re telling me that they all got in because of language skills? Probably not:

“We’re just not sure how many within that existing population of DACA would have the linguistic skills to qualify,” said one defense official familiar with the policy change. “These are kids who entered the country at a fairly young age and have basically grown up in the United States, so the limit of their language talents would probably be the language that they received at home.”

So why were they admitted? I’m calling bullshit on that one. Outside of some that MAY have language skills, there is no way that all of these illegal immigrants are bringing critical language/medical skills with them.  But hey, I’m willing to be proved wrong. Show me why they were admitted ahead of Americans. But I suspect the claim about critical language skills will be abused merely to admit more DACA recipients: 

Stock said some members of Congress are frustrated with the low number of Dreamers being recruited through the program, and are now seeking other ways to get them in.

You read that correctly: NOT GOOD ENOUGH, the hispanic activists scream. And clearly, this has to do with primarily hispanic illegal immigrants, since they make up the HUGE majority of all illegal immigrants. (Over 80%, according to available numbers.) There are actually Congressmen who spend their days finding ways to get more illegal immigrants into the military.

One of them, Ruben Gallego from Arizona,  is a former Marine, whose ethnic loyalty apparently trumps his Marine Corps loyalty. HEY RUBEN? Pretty sure we have enough Spanish speakers in the military. Even this white guy puede hablar en espanol. (Enough, anyway.) You ain’t critical. And the people who run the MAVNI program agree, since Spanish isn’t on their list of critical languages. I reached out to the Congressman for an explantation:

Trump, Clinton rip each other over Iraq War, ISIS at military forum

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Still waiting for him to get back to me. Let’s be clear what this is: This push has very little to do with finding “critical language speakers” or “national security” and EVERYTHING to do with exploiting and abusing a valuable program (MAVNI) in order to get illegal immigrants into the military to assuage his constituency. Read this belligerent statement from Gallego and tell me otherwise. That’s the only reason they even extended the program from 1,500 to 5,ooo.

But hey, don’t listen to me. Listen to Lt. Col. Stock, who said this last fall:

“The Pentagon should have set up a separate recruiting program for the DACAs,” she said. “They would make excellent military recruits, but hardly any of them can qualify for the MAVNI program, and the MAVNI program already has more than enough qualified recruits. Putting DACAs into the MAVNI program doesn’t make any sense,” she said.

On the contrary, Col. Stock, it makes perfect sense, if you understand that this is purely political. That same article quotes a military historian, who accidentally commits a thoughtcrime by saying this:

“Given the narrowness of the MAVNI program, the slight change made by the president, and the extremely limited number of people involved, I would rate the change as entirely insignificant,” Janda said. Allowing DACA participants into MAVNI, he said, is “probably an attempt to court some favor with pro-immigration groups prior to the midterms, but it won’t be enough to make them happy. … The odds of anyone getting in are very slim.”

There ya go. Also, Mr. Janda… it’s only “limited”  for now. Rest assured, Congressmen Gallego and his henchmen are working day and night to change that.

I’m sure, if served with a giant injection of truth serum, Congressman Gallego and the activists would admit that really, the endgame here is a borderless “country” with zero difference between the citizenry and non-citizenry. This is all battle space preparation for the real golden ticket that they’ve been eying for years: Voting rights. “Look, we pay taxes and serve in the military. We should be able to vote.”

Fast-tracking illegal immigrants into the military for political reasons  is a huge slap in the face to Americans and LEGAL immigrants (which includes many hispanics, GALLEGO,) who can’t get into the military because of cutbacks, not to mention an enormous security risk. And don’t give me that garbage about “B-b-b-b-but they undergo a background check!!”

Everyone knows that the “background check” is just a giant rubber stamp process. Does anyone actually believe that there are a bunch of DHS agents vigorously looking into backgrounds of foreign nationals, to the tune of over 30,000 per month? And how are they doing that, anyway? I want to know the “background check” process that they keep blathering about. How do you investigate some guy from a remote village in Guatemala, or Afghanistan, for that matter? And when they do identify the bad guys, they show little interest in getting rid of them.

So read this hand-wringer of an NPR immigration story (is there any other kind?):

Cesar Vargas has a resume most young Americans would envy. He graduated from a Brooklyn high school that counts Sens. Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders among its alumni. He made honors in both college and law school. But because he was brought to the United States from Mexico illegally when he was 5 years old, he can’t fulfill one of his dreams: joining the armed forces.

Well, Cesar, that’s too bad. I mean, you took one of a limited number of slots in a prestigious American high school and TWO in prestigious American universities, at the expense of an American or LEGAL immigrant. (Including hispanics, GALLEGO.) Still not enough, huh? Then there’s this:

For Vargas, who has traveled to Washington multiple times to press Congress for legislation to give immigrants like him a path to citizenship, this cause is both personal and political.

I always think to myself, just who is paying for all of this, anyway? While I’m at work all day, I see all these activists in the streets, on TV, seemingly with gobs of time and financial resources on hand. Old I’m-struggling-to-suvive-because-oppression Cesar spends his days doing interviews and holding press conferenced with Congressmen? Must be nice. I tried to ask him:

I’m sure he’ll get back to me soon. Oh, and just what is this critical, constantly undermanned, highly skilled job that Cesar is desperate to get?

The co-director of the Dream Action Coalition, a group that advocates for young Latinos, wants to become a military lawyer.

GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. Yeah, THAT’s what the military is crying out for, more shyster lawyers.

If 20 years ago, someone would have suggested that relaxed border enforcement would lead to illegal aliens being allowed to join the military, the media would have had a good laugh and heaped on a big serving of mockery. “Oh, BK, drink some more Kool-aid. Why, these notions you’re putting forward are simply Unpossible!”  But now here we are. That’s how the game is played, folks: Creeping Incrementalism. Not to mention there would probably be a lot more sympathy if the activist groups weren’t so demanding.

You people are constantly being played for suckers. It used to just be, well, we won’t deport you if you don’t cause trouble. Now it’s work permits and social security cards. Then it was, well, you had to have arrived before 16 years of age, and before 2007. Now, it’s UNLIMITED age, and had to arrive here before 2010. (Hello, MS-13 gangbangers!) How long until they move the goalposts again, to a newer date?

There are only so many jobs to go around. And they are vanishing rapidly.  And these aren’t only the stereotypical landscaping and agriculture jobs anymore. The scummy CEOs are outsourcing solid, middle-class tech jobs at Disney; at SoCal Edison. And now the military? While thousands of combat veteran soldiers are being let go?

Look, I have sympathy for those in other countries that have it tough. But everyone has to pick a team here, and I’m defending American jobs and interests. Not to mention there’s a long line of people waiting and doing it the right way. No, I don’t want hard-working illegal immigrants who stay out of trouble necessarily rounded up and deported. But just because I show manners and ask an uninvited guest to stay for dinner and come in out of the rain doesn’t mean he gets to bang my wife.

Keep an eye on this one. Even better, contact your representatives and give them an earful. This is the Unites States Military, for christ’s sake. Tens of thousands of U.S. citizens and legal immigrants (including hispanics, GALLEGO) are turned away from the military every year, and no, it isn’t just because of obesity or criminal records. It’s also because desired personnel cuts of up to 20% are affording recruiters to admit only the best and brightest citizens and legal immigrants we have. To admit illegal immigrants ahead of them is a disgrace.

And let me add this: Stop acting like you speak for all hispanics/immigrants, GALLEGO. He acts like all of them think exactly the same on this issue, which is not only absurd, but racist as shit. I happen to know many hispanic veterans whose families have been in America for a hundred years, not to mention LEGAL immigrant veterans, who are just as vehemently against this as I am. That goes for you, too, white liberals.

To review the FACTS:

  1. The military has reduced personnel numbers, including combat vets, and wants to reduce more.
  2. Serving in the U.S. military is a privilege, not a right.
  3. Thousands of U.S. citizens are turned away from military service every year.
  4. Thousands of legal immigrants are also turned away from military service every year.
  5. There are only so many slots to go around.
  6. The VAST majority of DACA recipients have no “critical skills.” (prove me wrong.)
  7. The background check is fleeting at best, impossible at worst.
  8. Many military jobs require access to sensitive information.

This is what is known as an “argument,” involving facts, logic, and reason. Representative Gallego and his activist buddies employ none of these. They just whine that it’s NOT FAIR that illegal immigrants aren’t allowed in the military, that guys like me JUST HATE IMMIGRANTS. (False; I love LEGAL immigrants.) Indeed, Gallego refers to the vast majority of citizens against this as, “extreme.” GUY: you want to allow thousands of illegal immigrants into the military and WE’RE the extremists? EFF AND YOU.

I’m probably wasting my breath. Arguing logically with liberal activists is like trying to teach dogs to read: They get visibly frustrated and agitated, can’t understand what you’re trying to say, and, in the end, just wind up licking each other’s buttholes.


The language has been stripped out of the NDAA by a vote of 221-202. Every single democrat voted to keep the language in, and twenty republicans joined them. I’m sure they’ll try again next year. Oh, and what accurate, fair headline did “Roll Call” go with to describe this?

Pro-Immigration Provision Stripped From Defense Bill

Unbelievable. We have the worst media in the history of mankind.

Missing Marine Helicopter Found; All Souls Feared Lost:

U.S. and Nepalese military officials said Friday that the wreckage of a U.S. Marine helicopter that disappeared earlier this week had been found.

The wreckage of the UH-1 “Huey” helicopter was found eight miles north of the town of Charikot, near where the aircraft had vanished on Tuesday while delivering humanitarian aid to villages hit by two deadly earthquakes, according to U.S. Pacific Command spokesman Maj. Dave Eastburn.

There was no immediate confirmation of the fate of the six U.S. Marines and two Nepalese soldiers who had been on the chopper when it disappeared. Nepal’s Defense Secretary Iswori Poudyal described the wreckage as being “in pieces,” adding “there are no chances of any survivors.”

Eastburn said U.S. Air Force pararescuemen were on the ground assisting in recovery efforts.

Heartbreaking. Rest in Peace, men.

Tsarnaev Gets Death Penalty:

BOSTON — Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sat stone-faced in a federal court here on Friday as a jury sentenced him to death for setting off bombs at the 2013 Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured hundreds more in the worst terrorist attack on American soil since Sept. 11, 2001.

I am very proud of the jurors. They did the right thing, didn’t listen to the snake oil the defense attorneys tried to sell, and, most importantly, sent a clear message to the Muslim terrorists that we aren’t all a bunch of softies. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a murderous terrorist who killed and maimed little children. OUR CHILDREN. Justice is served. Now get on with it.

Morons Berate SOFREP’s Own Loren Schofield:

I apologize that I haven’t posted an article in a while. I got sucked into the seedy world of fringe media, extreme right-wing paranoia, militias, and the insanity of the Facebook conspiratorial crowd. If you would believe everything you saw on some of these Facebook pages, you would think that JH15 deals with martial law, gun confiscation, Obama staying in office past 2016, FEMA camps, chemtrails, Illuminati, the New World Order, the Bilderbergs, reptilians, aliens from the planet Draconia, and red/blue dots on mailboxes (which apparently have nothing to do with when or how often you receive a local paper; instead they designate which “list you are on.” Blue is for roundup to be interned in FEMA death camps, and red is to be pulled out of your bed at 4 a.m. to be executed).


I have been attempting to educate people and give a rational counterpoint to the accepted narrative. In return, I have been called a spy, a shill for the government, a paid troll for the CIA, liar, brainwashed, and have been accused of stolen valor. I’ve met fake SEALs and militia members, encountered shady-ass profile pages, people who thrive on drama and fear, racists, the mentally unstable (my diagnosis), and just about every other category of crazy you can imagine.

That first paragraph is GOLD. Well done, Loren. Look, I take a back seat to nobody when it comes to being suspicious of the government. But military training exercises in the United States have been going on pretty much since there was A.) the United States, and B.) the United States Military. I’m not sure why all of a sudden people started going apeshit with this particular one.

Navy Commander’s Promotion Put on Hold:

The promotion of the former commanding officer of the destroyer William P. Lawrence, who was faulted in the 2013 deaths of two helicopter pilots, has been put on hold.

…Vavasseur’s role in the 2013 accident that claimed the lives of Lt. Cmdr. Landon Jones and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jonathan Gibson is the subject of intense debate in the Navy, and her selection to command another ship in late 2014 sparked outrage from the pilots’ widows…

…Jones and Gibson, assigned to San Diego-based Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 6, were killed when their MH-60S Knighthawk was washed off the flight deck of William P. Lawrence by a wave while it was chocked and chained to the deck with its rotors spinning.

The investigation found that a combination of heavy seas and a turn made at top speed caused the wave to wash over the flight deck, and it faulted Vavasseur for failing to take proper caution with a helicopter on deck.

Pacific Fleet boss Adm. Harry Harris said in his endorsement of the 2014 investigation that Vavasseur had taken “unnecessary risks during routine, yet inherently dangerous, shipboard helicopter operations.”

But Harris stopped short of taking action that would have prevented Vavasseur from screening for major command.

Call me a cynic. BUT: seeing as how our military is awash in political correctness, and absolutely obsessed with filling the top ranks with more females, ya think, JUST MAYBE, her sex had something to do with her initially being tagged for command?

Nah, that can’t be it. I mean, I’m SURE a male Naval ship’s captain who killed two pilots through incompetence would have been put up for promotion as well. (eye roll.)

Sir, I’m Going to Need to See Your DD-214:

Speaking of Sportsball:

The NFL reportedly accepted millions of dollars from the defense department over the course of three years in exchange for honoring troops and veterans before games, the New Jersey Star Ledger reports.

The Pentagon reportedly signed contracts with 14 NFL teams — including the New York Jets, the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens — between 2011-2012 stipulating that teams would be paid sums ranging from $60,000-$1 million each (in federal taxpayer money) to pause before the start of games and salute the city’s “hometown heroes,” according to

Agreements also include advertising on stadium screens and sideline ‘Coaches Club’ seats for soldiers.

One of many reasons I’ve drifted away from being a fan of professional sports. Can you believe these guys? Think about all the bullshit, “we salute the troops” CRAP that they’ve peddled the last ten years, and now realize that the only reason they did it was for the money. GROSS.

Navy Secretary Takes Pity on Fatties:

Fair fitness standards, less online training, more educational opportunities and a better balance of work and family life. Those hot button issues for sailors and Marines are now at the forefront of a new campaign by the Navy’s top civilian to boost quality of life and recruit more women into the ranks.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is set to unveil a host of far-reaching initiatives and policy changes Wednesday, aimed at improving quality of life and careers for sailors and Marines, many which came directly from the deckplates, a senior Navy official has confirmed to Navy Times.

Mabus plans to to ease body fat restrictions, boost career flexibility, and push to recruit more women in the Navy and Marine Corps, while opening up the last billets that remain closed to them.


I’m actually okay with tossing out the body fat reg. An individual should be judged on performance, not how they appear. I mean, I’ve seen some serious tubbies that could PT like animals during my time in the military.

I remember when I was attending the U.S. Army’s prestigious Combat Diver Qualification Course, widely considered to be one of the toughest schools in the military. This fat SF instructor showed up to lead out the morning run. I thought, “Oh, thank Christ… A nice, easy run with Gooey Gus over here.”

THAT FAT BASTARD RAN US INTO THE GROUND. It was like an 8 miler around a 7:15 min/mile pace, with brutal calisthenics thrown in every few miles. In humid-like-the-pit-of-hell Florida. I nearly died. So: Don’t judge that book by the cover.

Giant Slow-Motion Genocidal Hornets Will Give You Nightmares:

The Goddamn VA:

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been spending at least $6 billion a year in violation of federal contracting rules to pay for medical care and supplies, wasting taxpayer money and putting veterans at risk, according to an internal memo written by the agency’s senior official for procurement.

In a 35-page document addressed to VA Secretary Robert McDonald, the official accuses other agency leaders of “gross mismanagement” and making a “mockery” of federal acquisition laws that require competitive bidding and proper contracts.

Jan R. Frye, deputy assistant secretary for acquisition and logistics, describes a culture of “lawlessness and chaos” at the Veterans Health Administration, the massive health-care system for 8.7 million veterans.

If you can stand it, go read the whole thing. No matter what spokeshack they trot up to testify, NOTHING EVER CHANGES. You know why? Because nobody cares, nobody is ever fired, and nobody is ever put in jail. Maybe if they started doing a few of those good old fashioned, “perp walks,” things might change. We need some public shaming here.

Stupid Army Withdraws Stupid Manual Because Stupid:

The U.S. Army withdrew its just-published “cultural understanding” manual for soldiers on Tuesday, after anthropologists and BuzzFeed News raised questions about plagiarism and botched explanations of culture in the document.

The “Army Training Program 3-24.3 Cultural and Situational Understanding” manual, produced by the U.S. Army’s Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, contained the military’s doctrine — techniques and procedures — for soldiers dealing with non-American cultures.

“After taking a closer look at the content in ATP 3-24.3, we have pulled the ATP from circulation and it is no longer an approved doctrine publication,” Bill Ackerly of the Mission Command Center of Excellence at Fort Leavenworth told BuzzFeed News by email on Tuesday. “The ATP will not be re-released until the content issue has been resolved.”

Again showing there is nothing that the Army cannot screw up, the military has been left scratching its head over one of their 7 billion manuals. Apparently, the eggheads can’t decide how to best teach the savage, stupid Americans how to properly deal with these strange alien people they encounter overseas, even though they’ve been dealing with foreign cultures for hundreds of years now.

Obviously, the SF guys just needed an academic to explain things to them:

What’s more, the document’s five chapters “present culture as a threat to be overcome to soldiers, which is a really self-defeating way to view culture,” Robert Albro, an anthropologist at the American University in Washington, D.C., told BuzzFeed News.

Thanks, Poindexter. Any other words of wisdom?

“Just enrolling them in an anthropology class at a community college would be more helpful than this manual.”

Or, I don’t know, the Army could just keep doing what they’ve been doing in REAL LIFE for hundreds of years. But they need a community college class?

I’m Incredibly Aroused:

Security Forces Lieutenant Maya Lopez is right at home in a war zone: she’s been fighting all her life. A hard-won commission in the air force has brought her to Afghanistan, and if she plays her cards right, she could end up with an FBI job. It won’t be easy, but that just makes her more determined.


Jackson Thatcher is a protector in all senses of the word. A pararescue jumper with Southern-boy charm, he easily captures Maya’s interest, but her trust is another story. He’s sexy, strong and caring, but she makes it clear she’s no damsel in distress. She’s never relied on any man, and she’s not about to start now.

When Maya and Jackson become pawns in a radical warlord’s deadly game, they find themselves on the run and must depend on each other if they want to make it out alive.

 Florida Man is the Best Man:

SPRINGFIELD — A man was arrested for allegedly standing on the side of the road “cursing for no apparent reason” while clutching his exposed genitals, police reported.

Emre Thomas Bulloch, 26, was arrested Wednesday at about 6:30 p.m. after the Springfield Police Department received reports of a man “standing beside the roadway in the 3100 block of Orlando Road … with his genital[s] in his hand,” police reported. Police also said he was yelling loudly and cursing for no apparent reason, according to arrest records.


The caller told officers the man’s actions “disturbed her peace and outraged her sense of public decency,” police reported.

Bulloch, of Lynn Haven, was charged with misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and exposing his sexual organs.

Just look at that picture of my man Emre. (Emre???)  “Yeah, I had my johnson out… YOU’RE WELCOME, BRO.”

This all goes back to my theory of the current state of humanity: People have nothing do do anymore. Remember when you had to get up at dawn, go plough the fields, fight off indians, fight off bandits, hopefully not get smallpox, hopefully not get eaten by a bear, build your own house, build your own outdoor shitter, toil till dark till you dropped into your pile of hay exhausted; and all for the privilege of dropping dead at the ripe old age of 45? Yeah, we don’t have that anymore.

So now we have guys shouting in the street and giving their twig-n-berries a good public flogging. America!

Whew. I know that was long, but sometimes, it takes space for me to properly lay out everything. For all of your hurt feelings, I do not apologize. Send all your tweets to @BKactual.