Liberty LEO Gaffs lewd Laura Doll for Non-Living Lady

These things are getting alarmingly… vivid-looking. I went to a webpage for a company that manufactures such dolls — got my feature image there — and I read on their homepage (they have great payment options and layaway plan) that they were working on a speech capability option for their dolls. Alarmed, I hit the “Contact Us” button and admonished:

“My God, gentlemen… why on the planet would you destroy a perfectly good product by enabling it to speak — teach it to fetch beer!”

Rather life-like sex doll modern sex doll made of silicon can appear strikingly real.

I didn’t really do that but it is a wagered consensus that the product is looking very authentic. With that, I could brazenly defend the cops for mistaking a female sex doll for the corps of a decedent woman. It had to be a cruiserweight facepalm moment for all involved. The report also fails to mention the obscure fact than it took the coroner nearly 25 minutes into his assessment — which included the application of a rape kit — to detect that the departed was in fact a sex doll. That alone is a staunch argument to the ostensible reality of the nation’s silicon harem.

The DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test on the doll came back a 98.9 match for siloxane.

Viewing of the doll will be held at Las Vegas this Wednesday from 1300 to 1500 local Georgia time.

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