Britain exits the European Union:

Washington (CNN): Britain’s vote to leave the European Union Friday left the United States confronting a threat to the strength and cohesion of both its closest historical ally and a 70-year transatlantic partnership that has been the bedrock of Western peace and prosperity.

The outcome of Britain’s referendum instantly pitched an already weakened Europe into a new crisis, opening the possibility that other member states could choose to leave the E.U. and create new headaches for Washington.

American leaders on all sides of the political aisle Friday expressed respect for the decision of British voters and vowed to stand with America’s “special relationship” ally Britain and the diminished European Union once both partners have finalized their divorce — a period that could take years.

But there was no hiding the concern behind the scenes as the shockwaves rippled through the EU, a body that has been vital to American foreign policy initiatives in recent times, including the drive to a nuclear deal with Iran and attempts to punish Russia for its incursion in Ukraine.

There are few things I enjoy more than when the leftist media go into a hysterical frenzy when the unwashed masses reject their conventional wisdom. And this was a frenzy. People have this weird lack of awareness to history, I think. They believe that the world they are born into must never change, or be different in any way, otherwise it’s a catastrophe. We all read in history books about how empires rise and fall, how coastlines change, how oceans turn into deserts and deserts into oceans, but when it happens in our own lifetimes, it scares the shit out of people. It’s an odd quirk of humanity.