Britain exits the European Union:

Washington (CNN): Britain’s vote to leave the European Union Friday left the United States confronting a threat to the strength and cohesion of both its closest historical ally and a 70-year transatlantic partnership that has been the bedrock of Western peace and prosperity.

The outcome of Britain’s referendum instantly pitched an already weakened Europe into a new crisis, opening the possibility that other member states could choose to leave the E.U. and create new headaches for Washington.

American leaders on all sides of the political aisle Friday expressed respect for the decision of British voters and vowed to stand with America’s “special relationship” ally Britain and the diminished European Union once both partners have finalized their divorce — a period that could take years.

But there was no hiding the concern behind the scenes as the shockwaves rippled through the EU, a body that has been vital to American foreign policy initiatives in recent times, including the drive to a nuclear deal with Iran and attempts to punish Russia for its incursion in Ukraine.

There are few things I enjoy more than when the leftist media go into a hysterical frenzy when the unwashed masses reject their conventional wisdom. And this was a frenzy. People have this weird lack of awareness to history, I think. They believe that the world they are born into must never change, or be different in any way, otherwise it’s a catastrophe. We all read in history books about how empires rise and fall, how coastlines change, how oceans turn into deserts and deserts into oceans, but when it happens in our own lifetimes, it scares the shit out of people. It’s an odd quirk of humanity.

Seriously, by some reactions, you would think that millions of people were now going to starve to death, that this was just as bad as a suitcase nuke going off in the heart of London. A bureaucratic reshuffling was the end of days, as far as the pundits were concerned. I’ll admit that, while I don’t pretend to be an expert on European Union affairs, it was clear that the British people had become increasingly fed up with the EU. As inevitably happens, what started as a small organization dedicated to promoting trade morphed into a huge, meddling monster that interfered with member nations’ citizens. Good riddance. And, as an American who loves independence and liberty and all the rest, I would never tolerate my country’s affairs being decided by a foreign body. But without getting into the weeds, let’s examine some common-sense, big-picture points.

This is the first strike in decades against the inexorable march of globalism, fully supported by the elites, that has been the trend throughout the world. Rich plutocrats have dreamed of a borderless world, allowing cheap goods and labor to freely flow, enriching themselves. Now, nobody bothered to ask the actual citizens of those nations affected whether or not they wanted it, they just did it. That’s why all of the sore losers were screaming, “XENOPHOBIA!” on the “leave side” so vociferously. As if that word has any effect now. I’m sure that was a major factor. Nobody asked for, or voted, for millions of immigrants—both legal and illegal—to come pouring into Europe, it was merely decided for them, for terrible, despicable reasons. But as it turns out, a lot of people really weren’t keen to replace themselves with foreigners.

The young British people who voted to remain were also pretty funny. According to Twitter, their main source of anguish was that they would now have to stand in the “Non-EU” line when they traveled to Spain on holiday! THE HORROR. I can feel their pain. I mean, I travel through Europe regularly thanks to my stupid day job, and I have to stand in that same line, which is practically the same thing as the Holocaust. Sometimes, it takes me MINUTES longer to get through customs and passport control than the “EU citizen” line! IT’S A LIVING HELL.

Also, I was laughing my ass off watching all of these Marxists suddenly worried about stock markets, currency exchanges, and the fact that billionaires might lose a few million dollars. Similarly, all of these anarchists suddenly were screaming that they didn’t want to leave this oppressive foreign government. Really? I thought the whole Bernie crowd and the socialists were all about the rich people being scummy leeches. Well, every single one of them wanted Britain to stay in the EU.

Now, as fellow SOFREP writer Frumentarius pointed out, this isn’t exactly great for the U.S. in dealing with a combative Russia in the east. But the EU had this coming. They need Great Britain a lot more than Great Britain needs them. And, as a DISGUSTING NATIONALIST, I say welcome to independence, England…if you can keep it. And there’s one thing Fru and I definitely agreed on: This was a huge failure on Obama’s part. Remember how he was going to heal all the alliances damaged by that retarded cowboy George W. Bush? Turns out, he pretty much sucks at diplomacy. Fru tweeted out this article from the American Interest, by Walter Russell Mead, with this damning paragraph:

The United States had great interests at stake when it came to Cameron’s negotiations with the EU; from all one can tell, President Obama spent more time playing golf during those negotiations than he did working to prevent a damaging split between some of our most important partners and allies. Smart American diplomacy would have worked intensely and unremittingly to get a deal between London and its partners that the British people would support, but despite the President’s breathtaking self-confidence, smart diplomacy is not actually part of his skill set.

ZING. That’s an academic’s version of telling someone, “You’re a bitch.” Hard to argue with him though. Remember, this is a president who, upon taking office, gave a gift of an iPod with his own speeches recorded on it to the Queen of England. An iPod, no doubt that is currently in some trash heap somewhere. It’s not all his fault, exactly. I’m pretty sure he’s been told his whole life how awesome he is; the ego on the guy is gargantuan.

So what happens now? Although we can’t know for sure, I believe that following some initial instability in the British financial markets and currency, things will pretty much go back to normal. The idea that a country that dominated the world for centuries will now collapse due to leaving a multinational club it belonged to for a few decades is absurd. I know that a lot of British men, like some of our own, are gelded pussies, but they still have Royal Marines and the SAS and guys like Big Phil Campion. The British military is one of the finest in the world. So calm down, lads. Freedom isn’t free.

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US: Brexit is no threat to US national security, or much else

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Pentagon to lift ban on transgender troops:

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon plans to announce the repeal of its ban on transgender service members July 1, a controversial decision that would end nearly a year of internal wrangling among the services on how to allow those troops to serve openly, according to Defense officials.

Top personnel officials plan to meet as early as Monday to finalize details of the plan, and Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work could sign off on it by Wednesday, according to a Defense official familiar with the timetable but who spoke on condition of anonymity because officials were not authorized to speak publicly about it. Final approval would come from Defense Secretary Ash Carter, and the announcement will be on the eve of the Fourth of July weekend.

The plan would direct each branch of the armed services over a one-year period to implement new policies affecting recruiting, housing and uniforms for transgender troops, one official said.

We all knew this was coming.

I’m not going to get into the whole subject of transgenderism. It is a fascinating subject, and I’ve made my point of view pretty clear, as regular Roundup readers will no doubt recall. In my opinion, these people aren’t doing themselves any favors by stuffing artificial parts into their bodies and shooting massive doses of hormones into their bloodstreams in a futile quest to look like something marginally resembling the opposite sex. If my vote counted, I would not be in favor of this policy. Further, as a social engineering problem, there are all kinds of ramifications as well.

But let us set that aside for the moment and examine this as a logistical problem. The Pentagon, even though they have systematically purged any officer who is unhappy with this administration’s determination to undermine the effectiveness of the U.S. military, still had questions about who, exactly, was going to get this treatment:

…(Chairman of Armed Services Committee Representative Thornberry) also asked about how far the Pentagon would go to provide medical treatment for transgender troops, “including behavioral health treatment, cross-hormone therapy, voice therapy, cosmetic or gender reassignment surgery and other treatments?”

Right. As I’ve said in the past, I have mixed feelings about private citizens doing these kinds of surgeries/treatments, especially when it comes to minors, but hey, it’s your money. Now, this is OUR money. Totally different. And you mean to tell me that, while this corrupt, incompetent administration, and head stooge Ash Carter, are sending our best young people to go fight their stupid wars while not even having access to the proper gear, we have plenty of money to pay for sex changes and hormone therapy? Plenty of money to give a guy a pair of tits, but we can’t get a Special Forces soldier his own goddamn weapon? This is unacceptable.

There are other issues. People are commonly rejected from military service because of health issues that require medications, like diabetes or even gout. It makes sense: If you’re on some sort of isolated forward operating base, it might not be logistically possible for you to get the treatment you need. And if you’re a female taking male hormones, and you can’t get the required drugs, then what? Not only is the body going through radical change, but the mental health and mood changes caused by such wild swings in hormones could be dangerous.

And here’s another big question:

…Several issues relating to repeal of the ban have proven to be contentious, according to officials familiar with the review but not authorized to speak publicly about it. One sticking point has been how long transgender service members would have to serve before being eligible for medical treatment to transition to the other gender.

Yeah, exactly. So is every guy who thinks he’s a woman now going to get into the military to use my tax money to chop off his dick? Because if I know the radical far-left Obama administration, I would guess that the number of days a person will have to serve will be roughly one. Like, as soon as you’re in, you start getting it. I mean, we wouldn’t want to DISCRIMINATE, right?

These are all valid questions that useless shithead Ash Carter will quickly toss out the window, just like he did when the USMC conducted an exhaustive nine-month study that proved conclusively female infantry units were terrible. It’s sad to see what has become of the United States military. Obama and his radical social-justice crusade have damaged it badly.

Omar Mateen gay narrative complete bullshit:

FBI investigators so far have not been able to substantiate claims that Orlando gunman Omar Mateen was gay or pursuing gay relationships, a senior federal law enforcement source confirmed to CBS News.

The FBI began looking into that possibility after media reports last week quoted men as saying that Mateen had reached out to them on gay dating apps and had frequented the gay nightclub where the June 12 massacre took place. One man claimed to be Mateen’s gay lover in an interview with Univision that aired this week, while another recalled Mateen as a regular at the Pulse club who tried to pick up men.

But the senior federal law enforcement source said the FBI, which has conducted interviews and is reviewing evidence collected from Mateen’s phone, has not found concrete evidence to corroborate such accounts nearly two weeks into the investigation.

None of the dating apps on which men have claimed to have met Mateen were found on his devices, the source said. Also, there was no information to indicate he was on any dating sites at all, the source said.

This was a total lie, meant to further the narrative that this was a hate crime committed by a self-hating gay instead of what anyone with a brain in their heads could see immediately: It was a terrorist act of jihad committed by a Muslim acting out the wishes of ISIS and committing lone-wolf terror attacks on American soil. The thing that bothers me is that this isn’t done out of ignorance or stupidity, the way many commentators seem to think. This was all a deliberate plan to obfuscate and change the subject.

Let’s talk about U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Now, I thought Eric Holder was bad at his job. THIS one might be the worst yet. First she tried to release edited transcripts of the 911 calls that Mateen made from inside the Pulse nightclub. After being publicly shamed, the FBI relented, but Lynch refused to say who edited the calls. Now, as the U.S. AG, she only has one boss, so I think it’s pretty fucking safe to say that it was either Obama or her. Either way, it’s clear that she has bought into Obama’s desperate attempt to quash the threat of Islamic terrorism is America.

Remember Mateen’s nutty wife, who probably helped him case the club, buy the guns, and all the rest? Obviously, knowing that, the FBI should have been following her and every other member of the family immediately following the massacre. Instead, they waited days to go arrest her. Now they DON’T KNOW WHERE SHE IS. Can you believe this? After the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, the FBI didn’t bother to track down the family right away and hold them for questioning? Oh, and turns out that Mateen’s mother-in-law is a big fan of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Remember, the dad was a Taliban supporter. Tell me why we let these people in the country again? Oh, that’s right: THEY WERE RIGOROUSLY VETTED. Any time ICE talks about “vetting,” just know that they are full of shit.

This goes well beyond incompetence, and into willful negligence. Loretta Lynch is a useless tool. I feel bad for that FBI agent Hopper, the useful idiot they trotted out in front of the TV cameras to explain why they were censoring the 911 calls, only to be overturned a few hours later. They should all quit.

Marines to be force-fed propaganda, receive training on females in combat jobs:

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. — The Marine Corps is requiring that all leathernecks complete two days of training on the service’s gender-integration plan as women take on new roles in ground combat units.

All active-duty Marines will complete the 16-hour training by Oct. 31, said Lt. Col. Larry Coleman, integration branch head with Manpower Plans and Policies. Reservists must finish the training by Jan. 31.

The two-day sessions will include discussions about new gender-neutral physical standards for certain military occupational specialties, why some units were closed to women and how the Marine Corps’ gender-integration plan will work, Coleman told Marine Corps Times on Wednesday…

…Not all Marines understand why combat jobs were once closed to women, Coleman said, so they’re taking steps to explain when and why the recently lifted ban was in place.

Have fun with that, boys. Sure, you could be out shooting, or mountain climbing, or learning weapons and tactics, or doing any one of a hundred things that a United States Marine should be concerned with. But this is Barack Obama’s military, and you will sit through your propaganda, and you will love it. You will adore it. Thinking that a 100-pound female might not have the physical capability to keep up with you is now a thought crime, and you will be sent to Room 101 for re-education if you show resistance.

There were a few howlers in this story:

The trainers often ask him why the service is opening all combat jobs to women if mixed-gender teams did not perform as well as their all-male counterparts during the service’s Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force experiment.

“We tell them that, yes, the majority of the tasks they performed at a lower level; however, their performance was not unsatisfactory,” Coleman said. “Their performance and the attacks that they executed were not failures. They just were potentially slower, maybe it was less accurate – whatever the metric that was being used for that particular task.

HA! Can you see this question being asked? I can picture it now:

Young Marine: “Didn’t we do a rigorous nine-month study that proved objectively and conclusively that female Marines couldn’t perform to our standards?”

SJW trainer: “Yes, but they didn’t FAIL. They were only really, really bad!”

Your United States Marine Corps. Chesty Puller’s corpse is going to rise up out of his grave and tear off the uniform he was buried in. Oh, and here was another good quotation:

In March, Marine Corps officials said the training would include discussions on Marines’ “unconscious bias,” but a Corps spokesman said later, “This is not sensitivity training.”

If a spokesman (all paid to lie) has to explain that something is NOT sensitivity training, it’s sensitivity training. Good rule of thumb.

What the HELL, Australia?

Senior recruits at an army apprentice school used a dog to abuse a boy who was training to join the Army Band, a national inquiry has heard.

The abuse survivor, given the pseudonym CJU, told a royal commission hearing on Friday he had spent 38 years carrying the burden of his abuse.

Not only was I raped by my seniors and by staff at Balcombe (a Victoria-based school) who I thought I could trust, I was mentally abused with a dog, the lowest of the low, bestiality,’ he said.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is investigating historical and recent abuse at army, navy and air force facilities.

CJU, who is now 54, became emotional in the witness box as he recounted the experience of being attacked by senior apprentices at Balcomble in 1978.

They stripped him and smeared his stomach and genitals with Vegemite and before the dog was introduced.

He was jeered at and told: ‘This is the only way you are going to have sex’.

What the FUCK. Holy crap.

You know, I never understood the sexual undercurrent on these horrific hazing stories. It baffles me. Every time I hear this shit, it turns my stomach. And I don’t know what it is with the Aussies, Brits, and South African guys. They all seem to be into this weird ass and dick stuff that, to them, is just good-time fun. To me, it’s fucking gross. Remember the ArmorGroup contractor scandal, where they were making guys drink vodka out of each other’s assholes? I remember, because I was contracting in Iraq, and because of those morons, they banned booze. Stuff like that.


And I’m all for hazing! Like, I’ll smoke the shit out of a new guy by making him do pushups, run around with a hundred-pound ruck, and all of that shit. But when people start getting into sexual stuff, that is a goddamn no-go. How does it even get to that?

Me, conducting smoke session: “Yeah, boot! Now do 50 pushups!

Weirdo: “Yeah! And when you’re done, I’m going to stick eight inches of this broom handle up your ass!”

Me: “Um…yeah, we’re not gonna do that. You should leave now.”

And the way institutions have covered this up for decades is crazy. We all know the stories of the Catholic Church and Penn State. But the U.S. military, too, is guilty of harboring rapists, and it is still going on. Honestly, in my opinion, a man who rapes another man should get the death penalty.

Exit question: If they were doing this for the freaking BAND, what the hell was going on in the infantry barracks???  (Shudder.)

Creepy naval aviator is a creep:

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — A Navy pilot is accused of recording a 16-year-old girl without permission in the dressing room of a Chesapeake store.

News outlets report Chesapeake police spokeswoman Kelly O’Sullivan says 31-year-old Jake Baker of Chesapeake was arrested June 15 and faces charges including unlawfully filming, videotaping or photographing a minor.

Court records show the girl told police that a man looked over the dressing room wall and photographed her while she was trying on bathing suits in Old Navy.

O’Sullivan says the suspect fled after the girl alerted store employees. One of the workers was able to get a partial license plate number, leading to Baker’s arrest.

Officials confirmed that Baker is a U.S. Navy pilot based at Oceana Naval Air Station.

That is pathetic. You’re a 31-year-old Navy pilot, and the best thing you can do is creep on little girls in the Old Navy dressing room? Bro, you are an AVIATOR. You should have trim lined up on every coast. What the hell is the matter with these guys? And you know I love quotes from shyster attorneys!

Baker’s attorney, Jon Babineau, said Friday that the pilot’s phone lacks any photos, videos or other data to support the charges. Babineau says “the truth will come out.”

Sure. That’s attorney weasel wordplay right there. “Lacks any photos…to support the charges.” That could mean anything. Like he took a picture, but he did it so fast he didn’t actually get the girl in it. I eagerly await this truth to come out.

This is a mental disorder:

ADAMSTOWN, Pa. — A 91-year-old Pennsylvania man who has for years lectured to school groups and others about what he said were his experiences at Auschwitz now says he was never a prisoner at the German death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Joseph Hirt, of Adamstown, made the admission in a letter to LNP newspaper Wednesday. He said he used poor judgment and faulty reasoning in trying to tell the story of those affected by the Nazis.


“I am writing today to apologize publicly for harm caused to anyone because of my inserting myself into the descriptions of life in Auschwitz,” Hirt wrote. “I was not a prisoner there. I did not intend to lessen or overshadow the events which truly happened there by falsely claiming to have been personally involved.”

Hirt’s admission came weeks after his story of escaping from Auschwitz was questioned by Andrew Reid, a history teacher in Turin, New York. Reid and several students attended an April presentation by Hirt and the educator concluded that many of the speaker’s claims didn’t add up.

Good catch by Reid. Men, just be happy with your life. Stop trying to make it into something it isn’t and never was.

Fallout from that insane Air Force flag ceremony:

A retired airman who was thrown out of a friend’s retirement ceremony while attempting — at the retiring airman’s request — to deliver a flag-folding speech mentioning God did not violate any Air Force policies, according to the Air Force. Such religious scripts are allowed at retirement ceremonies because they are private functions and attendance is not mandatory.

Retired Senior Master Sgt. Oscar Rodriguez is threatening to sue the service after he was physically removed from the ceremony. He is being represented by First Liberty Institute, a religious freedom organization.

“Air Force personnel may use a flag folding ceremony script that is religious for retirement ceremonies,” the Air Force said in a statement to Air Force Times. “Since retirement ceremonies are personal in nature, the script preference for a flag folding ceremony is at the discretion of the individual being honored and represents the member’s views, not those of the Air Force. The Air Force places the highest value of the rights of its personnel in matters of religion and facilitates the free exercise of religion by its members.”

I watched this video. That commander is a goddamn nut. He had his stooges there in the front row just in case a guy mentioned the G-word? Holy crap. He really thought he’d get an “atta boy” for that. We have the worst officer corps in history in the military right now.


The parents of a Coronado Navy SEAL killed in a June 2014 parachute training accident are suing the manufacturer for design defect, negligence and wrongful death, in a case that involves parachutes in wide use by U.S. special-operations units.

A Navy investigation found that Chief Petty Officer Bradley Cavner’s death was caused by a gust of wind prematurely deploying his reserve chute while he stood in an aircraft doorway, readying to jump.

Cavner, a 31-year-old Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran who graduated from Coronado High, was swept out of the C-130 troop plane at 1,300 feet.

He fatally hit his head on the plane’s door edge.

This is a very sad story. Without knowing all of the details, I would think it is more of a freak accident. These parachutes have been used successfully for many years, after all. We’ll keep an eye on it.

Outstanding job, Gunny:

A Brazilian-born U.S. Marine who came to this country as a child was awarded a medal for heroism Thursday for saving troops and civilians from a helicopter that crashed in Afghanistan last year.

“I don’t see myself as a hero. I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I happened to be the first person on the scene,” said Gunnery Sgt. Geann Pereira, 33, to a gathering at Oakland Park City Hall after a general presented him with Navy and Marine Corps Medal, the ribbon and citation.


The place he was talking about was an office where was working at Camp Resolute Support in Kabul — and the time was the afternoon of Oct. 11. A British Puma helicopter carrying multinational passengers as part of a NATO mission crashed as it came in for a landing. Pereira grabbed some gear, got there first.

Five people on board were killed, including two American airmen, two British troops and a French contractor. But Pereira crawled through the wreckage for hours, at times with fuel sloshing around, to pull people from the aircraft, both dead and alive.

Dumb swastika kid can’t join Marines:

Marine officials say a New Jersey teenager accused of drawing swastikas on school property cannot enlist after his recruiter helped get a charge against him dismissed. The recruiter is now the subject of a command inquiry, Marine Corps Times has learned.

On Wednesday, a judge dismissed a charge of criminal mischief against Dean Kaye, 18, after a Marine recruiter said at his court hearing that the teen had applied to enlist but could not do so with a pending charge against him, according to The Record. As a condition of dropping the charge, the judge required Kaye to prove he joined the Marines.

But recruiters are not allowed to intervene in legal proceedings on behalf of a potential applicant, said Maj. Garron Garn, a spokesman for Marine Corps Recruiting Command.

You sons of bitches:

On Wednesday, in the dead of night, as House Democrats held a sit-in for gun safety, House Republicans stripped language that would make it easier for qualified veterans to access state-legal medical marijuana from legislation to fund the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). With no transparency and little opportunity for Members to review, the House passed the legislation shortly after 3:00 AM (ET) that night. The Senate will vote on the legislation next.

Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) released the following statement:

“Our language ensuring fair treatment for our veterans had broad, bipartisan support and passed both Chambers—it’s outrageous that it was removed. To add insult to injury, the legislation was released in the middle of the night, not even giving Members of the House an opportunity to review the language before voting on it. This isn’t right for our veterans, or the American people. We will keep fighting to make sure our wounded warriors have equal treatment and the ability to consult with their VA medical providers about medical marijuana as a treatment option.”


I’m with the hippy Democrats from Oregon on this one. This is total bullshit. Do you think I LIKE using alcohol to numb my pain of human existence? Do you think I LIKE feeling like total shit the next day, only to do it all over again? Of course not. Obviously, I’m not going to stop self-medicating, because life’s a bitch, and it’s hard, and you get depressed, and you start swigging bourbon to make the bad feelings disappear.

We think nothing of handing out tranquilizers powerful enough to put down an elephant to our veterans, causing addiction problems that last a lifetime, but we can’t be trusted with a plant? This is horseshit. More proof, as if it were needed, that Paul Ryan is a demon straight from the pits of Hell. OK, maybe that’s a little strong. Still…I hate him.

Sir, put down the sword:

Police in Louisville arrested a man Wednesday who they said was walking naked with a sword in the Churchill Downs neighborhood early Wednesday morning, court records show.

James Lyvers, 45, of the 3700 block of South Third Street, was observed by an officer near Third Street and Central Avenue around 6 a.m. Wednesday, according to an arrest citation released Thursday. He was naked and wielding a sword.

james lyvers mugshot_1466102455946_3111701_ver1.0_640_360

Another man ran toward the officer and said, “He’s trying to kill me,” according to the citation. He was bleeding heavily from his left arm.

Lyvers was ordered to drop his sword, which he did, and was taken into custody without incident, the citation said. He was arrested around 6:40 a.m. in the 3100 block of South Third Street, court records show.

For this week, I actually considered going with that weirdo performance artist who was inviting people to touch her breasts in London. But, since she’s one of the rare naked people who we actually WANT to see naked, I thought…nah. That won’t do for the News Roundup.

Instead, you get Señor Lyvers. Avoid nude men with swords. @BKactual.

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