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Halloween social justice warriors howled. I LOL’ed:

It perhaps wouldn’t be Halloween without an incendiary costume stirring up trouble.

Nicki Minaj fanned the flames of controversy with her Instagram post Saturday that appears to be a screenshot of an image shared by music producer and radio personality DJ Clue. The photo shows someone dressed as Bill Cosby, who appears to be putting drugs into the beverage of an unconscious female whom he is holding.

“Our generation is so desensitized,” Minaj captions the shot. DJ Clue had captioned his post, “This gotta stop #PillCosby,” adding numerous laughing emoji.

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Sir, that is just plain hilarious and wrong:

MEDFORD, Mass. – The Medford Police Patrolmen’s Association president admitted poor judgment after photos of Medford officers arresting someone dressed up as Hillary Clinton were posted on the association’s Facebook page.

The photos, posted Saturday, showed someone with a Hillary Clinton mask on, wearing an Orange jumpsuit. The officers were holding her in handcuffs, as if they were arresting her, and smiling.

The caption of the photo said, “Look who MPD grabbed at the Fall Festival in Haines Square today…”


The Patrolmen’s Association also posted a photo of three officers posing with someone dressed up as Donald Trump, with a Trump mask on. The caption said, “Making America GREAT again in West Medford Square!!”

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“This is inappropriate. When in uniform, police officers should be politically neutral,” commented Mary Landale.

“As a citizen of Medford, I am appalled by police making it clear that I, and so many others, are not welcome or safe here,” commented Katarina Dutton.

See, you can’t steal ALL the valor:

The military career that Shane Sperow had touted as his own was quite impressive.

It included time serving in operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield, as well as other deployments, according to the Reading Eagle.

It was also a lie.


Sperow, authorities say, falsely claimed to have had a decorated career as a Marine sniper in an attempt to land a lighter sentence from a judge earlier this year. Now, though, the 43-year-old will serve time in state prison, after officials figured out the service record was fake, according to the Eagle.

Sperow’s story began fall apart earlier this year, after an attorney read a written statement that detailed his client’s military honors during a February hearing, Prutzman said.

“The list was so fantastical, it sounded like there should be a movie made about the guy,” he said.

“Elder said Sperow was watching over an Army checkpoint when it came under fire and was overrun. He claimed Sperow left his sniper post and went to the checkpoint, where he ‘personally saved four airborne individuals,’ according to court documents.

“Elder said that while Sperow was taking the other individuals to a safe place, a Humvee near him was blown up by a rocket-propelled grenade. He said the explosion severely injured Sperow’s right hand, right shoulder and the back of his head, resulting in numerous surgeries.”

…you have to leave some for the Nigerians:

The Nigerian Army has arrested an impostor, Mike Ajulo, parading himself as an Army officer in Ose Local Government of Ondo State.

Capt. Ojo Adenegan, the Assistant Director, Army Public Relations, 32 Artillery Brigade, Owena Cantonment, stated this in a statement in Akure on Saturday.

“A fake Army officer, Mike Ajulo, from Ose Local Government Area of Ondo State who has been impersonating as an Army Officer was arrested on Friday.


“His arrest was as a result of reported cases of Land Issues and other criminal activities against him and confession to some of the crimes reported against him.

“The Brigade is using this medium to inform the general public that Mike Ajulo is not an Army Officer and was never in any Military Service,”Adenegan said.

He, therefore, said that the suspect was still under investigation and would be charged to court after the investigation.


Keep yer powder dry:

But they’ll let the service pig on board?

A highly-decorated Army veteran with PTSD was mocked by American Airlines employees on two separate occasions when she tried to fly home with her service dog, a lawsuit charges.

Lisa McCombs was “emotionally crushed and humiliated” by the conduct of agents when she attempted to fly to Gulfport, Miss., from Kansas in October of last year.

She said she never had any trouble before flying with Jake, her Labrador retriever. According to the lawsuit, the American Airlines website stated that “service animals are welcome on all flights. There are no additional charges for service animals traveling in the cabin.”


However, while they were in a waiting area, an American Airlines agent approached and asked in a condescending tone, “ummm, are you trying to fly with that?”

McCombs replied yes, and the agent asked if she had documentation. McCombs replied she never had to submit this in the past, and asked what she should do. The agent asked for identification and left.

Then the agent’s supervisor rudely told McCombs “you’re not flying with that (gesturing toward Jake), we are canceling your flight,” according to the lawsuit.

Get to this school if you can:

BENSON — Tracking is much more than following footprints on the ground. It’s a language, a heightened awareness and a way of life.

“It’s about being in tune with your surroundings, understanding what you’re seeing and analyzing subtle visual clues,” said Freddy Osuna, a noted authority on the science of visual tracking and founder of Greenside Training, Osuna’s Benson-based business designed for professional and amateur trackers.


“I believe I offer the best tracking program in the world,” said Osuna, whose approach integrates human senses with the art of tracking, while encouraging critical thinking and problem solving.

A Native American, Osuna is a Yaqui tribal member who spent a lot of time with his grandmother on the Pascua Yaqui Reservation near Tucson. His passion for tracking started when he was a young boy exploring the Sonoran Desert near Tucson.

Osuna joined the United States Marine Corps as an infantryman in 1999, when he was 19. In 2004, he deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 as a squad leader.

“I fought the battle of An-Najaf, which was a very publicized battle that took place at the second- largest cemetery in the world,” he said. “It was an extremely intense experience. We lost Marines in that cemetery, and several were injured. I wanted to protect Marines after that, so in 2005, I went through sniper school and became a Marine Corps scout sniper. Then, in 2006, I went through a two-week tracker course and, in 2007, took an advanced combat tracker course.”

After leaving the Marines in 2008 with an honorable discharge, Osuna was hired by Fort Huachuca as the assistant task lead at the U.S. Army Combat Tracker Course.

You can’t sprinkle anything in public anymore:

An audience member at the Metropolitan Opera sprinkled a powdery substance — what the police said may have been the ashes of his mentor — into the orchestra pit during an intermission of a performance on Saturday, setting off a police investigation and the cancellation of the rest of that opera and a production that evening.

The police said at a news conference on Saturday night that they had identified the audience member, a man, through video surveillance footage and interviews with witnesses he spoke to before the afternoon performance of Rossini’s “Guillaume Tell.”


John J. Miller, the deputy police commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism for the Police Department, provided few details about the man or his mentor other than to say the man was from outside of New York and that the police were trying to contact him. The man told other patrons he was there specifically to sprinkle the ashes during the performance, the police said. Mr. Miller said the act may have been a violation of the city’s health code but that there was no criminal intent.

Nude clown terrorizes Tennesseans, is disgusting:

A scantily clad married mother-of-three was arrested in Tennessee Thursday after authorities say she was spotted chasing cars while wearing clown makeup.

Candice Kreidel was taken into custody on charges of disorderly conduct, public intoxication and making non-emergency 911 calls.

According to an arrest warrant, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received multiple calls from witnesses about a partially or completely naked woman in circus makeup and a stocking cap on her head who was seen running after cars along Louise Road in Cunningham and jumping in and out of traffic.


The married mother-of-three answered the door holding and drinking a beer, and smelled of alcohol, according to the warrant.

Kreidel initially denied chasing cars on the country road but later admitted to jumping out in front of vehicles.

When the deputy asked her why she repeatedly called 911 and yelled at the dispatchers, the 37-year-old, who was described as being intoxicated, said they ‘need to do their jobs.’

In one cell phone recording shared on her Instagram Friday, Kreidel is seen eating a corn dog and narrating her gastronomic experience.

I need to feed Arthur, my pet double chin,’ she says into the camera while biting into the deep-fried treat and chewing with her mouth open.