Iranian Humiliation of U.S. Navy Continues:

Images of a U.S. sailor crying in custody are being broadcast on Iran’s state television as the latest propaganda salvo from the Iranian government in the wake of its provocative January arrest of 10 American sailors in their waters. The latest move prompted a condemnation from the U.S. Navy, calling the sailors’ treatment “outrageous and unacceptable.”

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting has been playing images of the arrest and detention of the sailors, riverines transiting from Bahrain to Kuwait in riverine command boats, since shortly after their Jan. 12 arrest.

When this story first came out, and Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama were lubing each other up on just how “civilized” the whole episode turned out to be, I saw it for what it was. In a blistering tirade against the incompetence and poor training of the U.S. Navy, I wrote the following for that week’s Roundup: