Breaking news Sunday morning — jihad in Florida:

Omar Mateen of Port Saint Luice, Florida has been identified as the gunman who killed 20 people at a Orlando nightclub, CBS News, the Washington Post, and NBC News report, citing law enforcement officials. Mateen is a U.S. citizen; his parents are from Afghanistan, CBS News reports. FBI Agent Ron Hopper told reporters Mateen may have leanings towards Islamic extremism.

Mateen was armed with an assault rifle, a handgun, and what was feared to be an improvised explosive device. Mateen entered Pulse club around 2 a.m. Sunday morning and began shooting. After most of the 320 people there escaped, Mateen took hostages from a group that was hiding in a bathroom. Shortly before 6 a.m., a SWAT unit breached the club and engaged Mateen in what’s being called a protracted gun battle. Mateen was killed.

This is breaking news as I type this. Normally, I’m not comfortable writing about stories that are still unfolding, but here’s what we know so far: There are 50 people dead at this point (not 20, as written above), with over 42 in the hospital, condition unknown. Mateen started shooting, and then took hostages before the SWAT cops were able to storm the place and end his miserable life.