An article filled with half-truths, exaggerations, and absurdity:

Hundreds of young women on track to join ground-level Army units over the next year would lose their positions if the Trump administration reimposes a ban on women serving in front-line combat.

I had no idea what I was going to write about this week. Until, that is, I came across this ridiculous story practically screaming out for some challenging. I’m not blaming the writer, Adam Ashton, for all of it, exactly. He’s only writing down what the activists tell him. But let’s go ahead and dissect this abortion. First, here’s your trigger warning: This is all my own opinion, so direct all hate mail/shit talking to @BKactual. Now let’s get into it.

I couldn’t even make it past that first sentence up there. “Hundreds of young women?” Where did they come up with that number? Your average reader may suppose that this is meant to appear that there are hundreds of fully qualified women in combat units, having been fully vetted, trained, and graduated from whatever combat arms school they have attended. But that is hardly the case. The only way this writer could have possibly even come up with that number is to count females who have expressed even the mildest interest in joining one of these units, hence the hedge, “ON TRACK.” What does that mean? More specificity, please.