SOF Medic Trainer Accused of Inappropriate Student Contact:

A former U.S. Army doctor whose company has received $10.5 million from the government to train military personnel in trauma medicine is being accused of a variety of inappropriate training procedures, including drugging at least 10 students, sexually exploiting at least two students, and inflicting unnecessary cruelty on live animals.

The Virginia Board of Medicine suspended Dr. John Hagmann‘s medical license in March, and a full hearing, which could result in Hagmann losing his license for good, is scheduled for June 19.

The litany of accusations contained in the medical board’s report ranges from the inappropriate to the grotesque. Hagmann, 59, allegedly drugged students with alcohol and Ketamine, a hypnosis drug, to measure their response time and cognition while they were intoxicated. He ordered them to perform procedures on one another, sometimes while the patients were under the influence of drugs or alcohol.