…Hold up. I can’t just come out and say it in the first sentence, since that will show up in the Facebook preview and keep people from clicking on the story, and I just can’t have that. Let us discuss some salient points and background for this insane election season first.

First, a few caveats. Note that I did not say “endorsement,” in the title, as I believe that is a loaded term implying that one is an enthusiastic backer of a politician, instead of a mere vote-caster. Also, understand that this is my opinion and does not reflect anyone else here at Sofrep. I have no idea who anyone else is voting for. I would guess that most of the other writers and staff are not voting for Hillary Clinton, but beyond that, I know nothing. With that in mind, let’s continue.

Those of you who have followed me on the News Roundup throughout election season know that, from the beginning, I viewed campaign 2016 as a referendum on Hillary Clinton. I said before the primaries even began that I would support whoever ended up being the GOP nominee, because, in my opinion, Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt presidential nominee in American history. Yes, I mocked Jeb! incessantly, but I would have voted for him vs. Clinton. I would have voted for Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio, or whoever managed to secure the nomination. If a cheese platter had managed to get enough votes, I would be trumpeting CHEESE PLATTER 2016! All of this was not to vote for the Republican party, but to vote against Hillary Clinton.

But none of the other Republican candidates cut through. Instead, out of nowhere and to much derision, the nomination was secured by Donald J. Trump.


The “Never Trump” crowd was aghast, and seemingly blamed the Republican party for “allowing” this to happen. But the RNC didn’t “allow” anything. Trump won the nomination by, get this, speaking about topics that the Republican primary voters were concerned about and getting the most votes. WEIRD, I KNOW. Arguably, there were two topics that that garnered him the most support: illegal immigration and trade. For whatever reason, the other candidates believed that these topics were unworthy of campaigning on, save for the barest lip service. Did you ever hear Jeb Bush speak passionately about how corporate-driven trade agreements like NAFTA and now, the TPP, have decimated American manufacturing, leaving millions without meaningful work, all to further enrich corporate multinationals? Did you hear anyone else talking in plain English about our insane immigration policies? Did you heard anyone talk about individual liberty? I sure as hell didn’t.

Since I first registered to vote, I have always been a registered independent. I have usually supported Republicans on the national level, since they claimed to be the party of small government and individual liberty. Looking back at the last 16 years, I think that claim is laughable on its face, along with their claims to be the “conservative” party. But I still held my nose and voted for George W. Bush. I held my nose and voted for John McCain. I held my nose and voted for Mitt Romney. And now the same jerkoffs that foisted those terrible candidates upon me have the goddamn NERVE to tell me they won’t vote for Trump because he’s not “conservative” enough? FUCK YOU DUDE.  I feel like I’ve been snookered, scammed, hoodwinked and bamboozled. What exactly has the GOP accomplished the last couple of decades? Indeed, I don’t even know what what the party stands for these days. Their track record has been abysmal.

Paul Ryan became speaker of the House Republicans and ten minutes later, immediately gave Obama everything he ever wanted in the budget without putting up a fight. The Republican party has urged on endless wars in the Middle East, sending your sons and daughters to go fight and die in far off lands over obscure religious/tribal conflicts that are none of our business. They have stood by as our national debt has ballooned to 20 trillion dollars, an amount so staggering it’s really a bit beyond comprehension. “Fiscal Conservatism” my ass. Seemingly, the only hill Republicans seem willing to die on is Mount TaxCutsForBillionaires. Everything else, they puss out on, desperately afraid that a hostile media would say mean things about them.