The Islamists have struck again, and I’m angry. I grow weary of this backward, medieval political cult masquerading as a religion and its fundamentalist adherents who insist on projecting their primitive value systems into our modern, Western culture because their Islamic paradises back home are stinking cesspools of corruption, strife, and rot.

Once again, members of the religion of peace have turned a European city into a bloodbath, with the death toll standing at over 100 dead and almost sure to rise as those critically injured succumb to their wounds. Young people, enjoying a concert, suddenly torn to shreds by explosions, their brains blown out of their skulls as they desperately awaited rescue, dying for no other reason than they dared to exist. And once again, Western civilization stands paralyzed, unsure of itself, what to do, or where to go from here.

The president of France is vowing to wage a merciless war. Pardon me if I don’t really believe him. Recall that he also declared war after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and promptly lost interest in the whole thing. An ACTUAL step that a serious country would take would be the immediate closing of the borders, massive deportations, and a complete halt of all immigration from Islamic countries until you regain some control over the jihadi cancer in your country, both foreign and domestic. When your boat is sinking,  just frantically bailing the water out isn’t going to get you anywhere. You have to plug the leak first, and that’s what is badly needed here.

This is a shocking reminder of the threat of militant Islam that everyone in Europe isn’t allowed to talk about. All of this carnage was committed by seven guys with a couple of AK-47s, suicide vests, and grenades. What if next time it’s 50? Or 100? Even if only one percent of the refugee flood this year alone were Islamists, that’s THOUSANDS of men. And you’re asking the police and anti-terror forces to be perfect, which is impossible in a country that values civil liberties. The jihad animals only have to get it right once to succeed. For them, this was a huge success.

The talking heads on the media keep referring to how coordinated this was. I suppose. Perhaps the weapons acquisition part was coordinated, but the execution didn’t require much coordination at all. That’s why this is so terrifying. The sheer simplicity. All you have to do is hand out the guns and the suicide vests and you say, “OK guys, 10 days from now at the stroke of midnight, pick a target and hit it. All at the same time.” Instant chaos, and a nation paralyzed.

And just as predictably as maggots infect a dead corpse, here come the disgusting Islam apologists again. The hashtag #NotAllMuslims was quickly spawned. Salon magazine and other left-wing outfits are already running articles talking about how the right wing is actually to blame for the attacks. Remember, all white people are responsible for some lone nut with no friends and no support living in a trailer who manages to shoot up a church, but to cast aspersions on a worldwide religion that controls trillions of dollars in assets, many nation-states, over a billion followers, and is responsible for the vast majority of the global mayhem occurring daily? YOU SHUT YOUR FILTY WHORE MOUTH.

People are putting the french flag in their profile pictures on social media and then going to brunch and congratulating themselves on their non-judgmental show of support. Listen, guy: I don’t want to see your stupid Eiffel Tower peace signs, I want you to get pissed off. And in the name of Allah, whatever you do, don’t go reading the comments section at Gawker of Huffington Post. I swear, American liberals are more deathly afraid of Islamaphobia then Islamic terrorism. They would literally be in the process of having their head sawed off by Jihadi John and still be shouting, “YOU GUYS, IT’S NOT ALL MUSLIMS! ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEA…” (gurgle gurgle gurgle). They don’t get it. They may not be at war with radical Islam, but radical Islam is at war with them.

But back to the question: Will this be the catalyst for Europe to finally do something about its borders and the countless refugees from Islamic countries pouring in nonstop, like I’ve been SCREAMING about for the last year? Probably not. Indeed, it is remarkable watching the West’s reaction to these attacks. Everyone’s heads are still in the sand. This is happening all over the world every single day at the hand of Muslim extremists, but we only tend to take notice when it happens in one of our own cities. But surely, the French and EU officials are at least slightly aware that this refugee tidal wave is a problem?

Well, so much for that. Mustn’t link attacks, that might disrupt The Narrative. Except…

If there is any justice in the world, Angela Merkel would be carried out of the Reichstag nude and thrown to a mob of horny howler monkeys.

I’m also getting very tired of people lecturing me that “This isn’t Islam.” You know who I’m going to listen to when they tell me it’s Islam? The guy strapping on the suicide vest, not some college kid at SJW University or a vapid celebrity. The guys who are waging jihad think it’s Islam? That’s good enough for me. I know otherwise very intelligent people who insist that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with religion, rather, it is an economic means to an end. Here’s a clue: When your enemy is talking and telling you exactly what he is and what he wants to do, maybe you should listen to him.

But hey, don’t worry! The UN is getting together to issue a statement! THANK FUCKING GOD. Soon, I’m sure, there will be a moment of silence, along with the usual weepy candlelight vigil where everyone can bow their heads, bury themselves deep inside their multicultural binkies, and futilely wish that this problem and these bad men will just magically go away.

They’re not going away. In fact, they’re doubling down. They see the weakness of the West, their failure to show the slightest interest in controlling who enters and leaves the country, their moral relativism and dropping birth rates, and see opportunity. Our love of civil liberties is being used against us. We can have civil liberties or open borders. We need to decide which one is more important.

These guys think in terms of decades and centuries; we can’t pay attention to anything for more than five minutes. The jihadis live and breathe radical Islam; we pretend it’s just like Lutheranism. They prepare relentlessly to attack. They spend five fucking months digging a tunnel day and night to free their comrades for more jihad. Their fighters are waging war across the globe every day, and most people never even hear about it because of our worthless news media. See, the wretches at the news desk would rather breathlessly report on trivial stories involving feces swastikas and imaginary discrimination. (I had 2000 words already written about THAT freaking abortion before this came up.) Indeed, the precious college students are very irritated that hundreds of people being murdered are disrupting their stories of fake micro-aggressions.

Ironically,  the jihadis don’t even really need to engage in violence at this point. Between Europe’s foolhardy wide-open borders policies and demography, their ascension in Europe is already assured. There’s no need to kill the golden goose, the natives are handing it to them on a silver platter. But they can’t help themselves. Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and jihadis gotta jihad.

Now the counterpoint to this has merit. Namely, that none of this would have happened had the U.S. not gone embarking on foolish adventures across the Middle East attempting to import democracy. Absolutely a possiblity. The decision to invade Iraq will go down as one of the worst foreign policy decisions in history. The decision to depose Muammar Gaddafi will be right next to it. But we can’t change that now. And let’s stop pretending that the Middle East was some magical place of enlightenment, tolerance, and human rights before Evil Uncle Sam decided to wag his dick around the place. Send the natives home and let them fight it out amongst themselves, as they’ve been doing for centuries, and stay the hell out of there. Even the ones that aren’t actually killing people in France are a disaster.

My instinct tells me that nothing will change. This die was cast long, long ago. The European Union has decided to throw its arms wide open to millions of Islamic refugees, and they seem hell bent on continuing this policy. These terrorist attacks would have to happen every single night for six weeks before the beard scratchers at the EU would perhaps start second-guessing their foolish decisions. As the Daily Telegraph writes,

It may prove that the terrorists were citizens of France, residents of long standing and quite possibly born there, and drawn from that massive, disaffected class of Muslims in the banlieue of Paris and other big French cities such as Lyon and Marseille.

However, the network that sustains them and the traffic in the lethal weapons they deployed on Friday night is greatly facilitated by open borders. That game, too, must now change.

Indeed. This isn’t how immigration is supposed to work. It works when you admit people from other cultures slowly, giving them time to acclimate and assimilate to the dominant culture, while adding a bit from their own. When you do it with extremely large numbers, it creates resentment not only within the native population, but within the immigrants themselves, who rapidly begin to congregate and form ethnic ghettos. There is no moral requirement for Western countries to admit massive, inexorable tides of humanity from alien cultures into their countries, forever, in perpetuity, overwhelming the native population.

When enormous numbers of immigrants show up like we’ve been seeing in the last couple decades to Europe, there is no assimilation. They immediately begin recreating the very conditions they left in the first place back in their home countries, complete with street prayers and chastising ostensibly improperly clothed women. Who can blame them? It’s hard work actually creating a working, modern civilization. Far better to just wander into stupid Whitey’s area of the world and demand that they clean your toilet in your state-paid apartment while you check Facebook, collect your welfare check, and Tweet encouragement to ISIS. And just because stupid, stupid columnists suggest “assimilation,” doesn’t mean they have ANY intention or desire to do so.

Maybe, just maybe, if the almost all military-age males fleeing their countries didn’t have anywhere to go, and were forced to stay and fight for their beliefs, perhaps some societal change would come about in the Arab world. Maybe it would lead to a more liberal form of government instead of the Islamic theocracies that they are running from. After all, those countries used to be pretty cool. It’s similar to Mexico, where the drug cartels have effectively controlled the government for decades now because, instead of fighting back, everyone just leaves and runs north to Uncle Sam.

Yes, yes, we know, not all Muslims. But even if most of them aren’t actually willing to pick up the AK and strap on the suicide vest, a huge percentage of them are certainly sympathetic to many of the causes that the jihadis advocate. They have interest groups day and night working to change speech laws to make any criticism of Islam forbidden. Lobbying groups work day and night to prevent law enforcement from investigating terror groups and mosques. I’m tired of being told that I have to put up with not just the jihadis, but the tens of millions who tacitly, if not outwardly, support them. I have zero interest in taking the time and effort to sort through hundreds of millions of people who follow this “religion” to sift out the bad, the enabling, and the indifferent, just to find the good.

I’m also tired of people coming to Western civilization from barbarous backwaters, and telling us how it’s going to be. OH HELL NAH. We tell YOU how it’s going to be, jerk-off. You want to live your primitive way of life? Fine. There are tens of millions of square miles and dozens of nations in the Middle East where it it not only encouraged, but the law of the land. By all means, go live there and leave me the fuck out of it.

In my opinion, Islamic culture is incompatible with Western civilization. It isn’t really a religion, it is more of a political party using religion as a means of collectivism and political power. It does not believe in freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or secular government. A huge percentage of its adherents treat women as animals, young children as sex objects, and are wildly opposed to the ideas in the Bill of Rights. Poll after poll shows large percentages of Muslims supporting sharia law and other non-Western-compatible ideals. Stop telling me that I have to keep putting up with huge amounts of immigration from Muslim countries that don’t share American values of individual liberty and religious freedom. We have plenty of our own homegrown fascists; we don’t need to be importing more.

Here in the United States, it’s not as bad, but we’re rapidly going down the same foolish road as Europe. The president of the United States seems determined to accelerate the arrival of tens of thousands of “refugees” from the Middle East and beyond. The FBI has almost one THOUSAND active ISIS probes inside the country. We tacitly endorse their beliefs by allowing radical Islamists to represent the U.S. government and lecture us on what is and is not acceptable in fighting Islamic terrorism. If we didn’t have such great law enforcement crawling up the jihadis’ asses constantly, there would have been many other attacks after September 11th. And this is all with a population that is less than one percent of the U.S. total. Imagine if it gets to 10 percent.

This shit has been going on my entire life. Over and over, we have to coddle the poor Muslims, who can’t seem to make a go of it in their home countries. From a tactical point of view, this was an overwhelming success for the jihadis. They lost eight guys and killed almost 200 people, while striking terror into the heart of millions. Unfortunately, I’m sure there will be more to come as countless military-age Muslim men spread across Europe, unless the continent changes its ways and changes them fast. As usual, Mark Steyn summed it up perfectly:

…I’m Islamed out. I’m tired of Islam 24/7, at Colorado colleges, Marseilles synagogues, Sydney coffee shops, day after day after day. The West cannot win this thing with a schizophrenic strategy of targeting things and people but not targeting the ideology, of intervening ineffectually overseas and not intervening at all when it comes to the remorseless Islamization and self-segregation of large segments of their own countries.

Nailed it. We’ll resume regular news roundups next week, providing more Jihad Joes don’t show up creating mayhem and fuckery. Right now, I’m exhausted with rage. Find me on twitter @BKactual.

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