The Islamists have struck again, and I’m angry. I grow weary of this backward, medieval political cult masquerading as a religion and its fundamentalist adherents who insist on projecting their primitive value systems into our modern, Western culture because their Islamic paradises back home are stinking cesspools of corruption, strife, and rot.

Once again, members of the religion of peace have turned a European city into a bloodbath, with the death toll standing at over 100 dead and almost sure to rise as those critically injured succumb to their wounds. Young people, enjoying a concert, suddenly torn to shreds by explosions, their brains blown out of their skulls as they desperately awaited rescue, dying for no other reason than they dared to exist. And once again, Western civilization stands paralyzed, unsure of itself, what to do, or where to go from here.

The president of France is vowing to wage a merciless war. Pardon me if I don’t really believe him. Recall that he also declared war after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and promptly lost interest in the whole thing. An ACTUAL step that a serious country would take would be the immediate closing of the borders, massive deportations, and a complete halt of all immigration from Islamic countries until you regain some control over the jihadi cancer in your country, both foreign and domestic. When your boat is sinking,  just frantically bailing the water out isn’t going to get you anywhere. You have to plug the leak first, and that’s what is badly needed here.