What a year, folks. Another 12 months of bringing you the best in military news, pop culture, crime, politics, and nudity, now in the books. Here is a month-by-month breakdown of some of the stories we covered in an epic 2016. Thank you to each and every one of you out there for reading and commenting; it’s been fun. I’m already looking forward to 2017. Head over to the podcast for a special year-end commemorative special with my special guests, USMC infantrymen JonJon and Creeper; USMC Recon Marine, Trace; and Army Special Force soldier, Mush. It was interesting and hilarious, to say the least. (Note: The link at the beginning of each summary will take you to that week’s News Roundup.)


The year started off with one of many terrible stories about the Veteran’s Administration. A study found that, despite the VA trumpeting their “We hire veterans” slogan, only 13 percent of the top officials running hospitals were actually veterans. An Army CID investigator decided he really didn’t like his restaurant bill, so first he pulled out his gun…and then his penis. A rear admiral was fired for looking at porn during work, which would just be the first of many stories in the year of officers behaving badly. Remember the Bundy family, the kooky ranchers who thought their cows had a right to graze on government land? Well, their spokesman, who ran to the cameras and claimed to be a former Marine, was busted as NOT a Marine. Also, a nude Florida woman fought off the cops by threatining to pee on them.

The month continued with some of our sailors being swept up by the Iranian Navy and being used to make propaganda videos. Two helicopters crashed off the coast of Hawaii, and we lost 12 Marines. A Navy corpsman was accused of beating his girlfriend’s toddler son to death. The commander of the 75th Ranger Regiment was relieved for, no shit, playing beer pong and having fun on his own time. An Air Force base had a skeet shoot, and used the image of MLK Jr. on it to advertise, which went over about as well as could be expected. The vice commander of the 50th Air Force Space Wing was busted sending dick pics, and a chick took off all her clothes and started fighting at a Waffle House.

Of course January means one thing: SHOT Show time! Just like I did the year before, I went to check it out and brought you plenty of picture of the gear that jumped out at me. Good times…even if we were staying in a crack house.