This dude was dark and rotten:

A Las Vegas prostitute who was hired by murderer Stephen Paddock has spoken out about their ‘violent’ sex sessions and how he bragged about having ‘bad blood’.

The woman, who spoke anonymously, said she would spent hours drinking and gambling in Sin City with Paddock, who she described as ‘paranoid’ and ‘obsessive’.

If he hit a winning streak, he would take her back to his room for ‘really aggressive and violent sex’ including living out rape fantasies, she said.

Paddock also boasted about his bank-robber father, saying that ‘the bad streak is in my blood’ and ‘I was born bad’, according to texts seen by the Sun on Sunday.

The 27-year-old woman said Paddock, 64, would often rant about conspiracy theories including how 9/11 was orchestrated by the US government.

The escort, who said Paddock paid her $6,000-a-time for their meetings (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) also had texts in which he described tying her up ‘while you scream for help.'”

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Africa mission and special appearance by Derek Gannon: 

The deaths of four American soldiers in an ambush in Niger on Wednesday highlight America’s increasingly deep and broad military commitments in Africa.

With conventional troops and special forces officially operating in dozens of countries, including direct involvement in at least four active conflicts, America has become enmeshed in the fortunes of allies spanning a range of political ideologies and reliability.

These operations include regular drone and airstrikes, as well as commando raids aimed at decapitating nascent Islamic terror groups across the continent. In Libya and North Africa, American troops are targeting ISIS forces and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM; in Somalia they are seeking Al-Shabaab militants; and in the Lake Chad region they are hunting Boko Haram extremists…

Las Vegas: Gunman kills 50+, injures more than 400 in worst mass shooting in US history

Read Next: Las Vegas: Gunman kills 50+, injures more than 400 in worst mass shooting in US history

…Over the past 10 years, AFRICOM has also become an epicenter of “train, advise and assist” programs as part of the U.S. Global War on Terror. The bulk of these missions have fallen to its subsidiary unit, Special Operations Command Africa, or SOCAFRICA.

“Africa is considered a Low-Intensity Conflict area and so far the U.S. footprint in Africa, although grown in recent years has only increased incrementally,” Derek Gannon, a former Green Beret who writes extensively on American operations in Africa for the military website, said in a phone interview. “It’s what is called Low Intensity Irregular Warfare, yet technically it’s not considered war by the Pentagon.”

“But warfare is warfare to me,” Gannon said.

Many of SOCAFRICA’s operations are conducted by U.S. Army Special Forces — known as Green Berets — who work with local militaries in an effort to professionalize their forces, often with little support by American warfighting standards.”

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BAH scammers look out:

In an effort to control wasteful payroll expenditures, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (ASA) for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA) issued a memorandum, titled: Recertification of and Supporting Documentation Required for the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Entitlement for Regular Army and Reserve Component Soldiers.

This memorandum requires all Soldiers, regardless of component or status, to provide missing documentation proving they are eligible for Basic Allowance for Housing at with-dependent rates.

As a follow-up to the ASA M&RA’s memorandum, the release of an All-Army Activities memo, scheduled for later this calendar year, gives Soldiers 60 days to upload proof of the extra entitlements into their iPERMS file, or risk losing the extra cash. Qualifying documents include marriage and birth certificates, divorce decrees, and child support agreements.

Those who qualify for secondary dependency, such as a Soldier caring for his or her mother or father, should upload their approval letter from either DFAS or their Company level commander.”

This guy is good:

Nice people we have here in San Diego:

For the second time in as many years, a San Diego-area husband and wife are facing legal trouble for hustling military families.

On Tuesday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra stood before news cameras and said criminal charges had been filed against Ramil and Melina Abalkhad, proprietors of a chain of California jewelry stores, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. The couple is accused of snaring sailors and Marines into purchasing luxury pieces on bogus payment plans, then squeezing them for money.

According to prosecutors, the couple went so far as to create a fake law firm — the Thomas Parker Collection Agency — and an imaginary lawyer, Thomas Parker, who threatened service members who fell behind on payments. “Parker” would even warn military members they would be reported to their superior officers for unpaid loans.

The Abalkhads are charged with 14 counts of illegal financing and debt collection…

…The recent charges come only months after the Abalkhads closed a previous criminal case. Ramil Abalkhad pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit identity theft and two counts of identity theft with intent to commit fraud last February, the Union-Tribune reported.”


Other than mass confection and blanket bans, this is correct:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said in an interview broadcast Sunday that no law could have stopped the suspected shooter, Stephen Paddock, who was behind last week’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Feinstein spoke on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” about gun legislation in the wake of the attack launched from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel targeting a country music concert.

“Could there have been any law passed that would’ve stopped him?” Host John Dickerson asked the senator.

“No, he passed background checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions,” Feinstein replied. 

Feinstein’s remark comes as Republicans have started to express interest in a conversation about regulations for bump stock devices, which were found in the hotel room of the suspected gunman. The devices increase the possible rate of gun fire on semi-automatic weapons.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) following last week’s mass shooting said devices like bump stocks “should be subject to additional regulations,” though it did not call for new gun legislation.”

It must be an awful tragedy to watch one’s child go through this: 

The son of a Pennsylvania mayor was charged with assault last week after he punched and stomped the politician, who says her son is battling an opioid addiction.

Police said the son of York Mayor Kim Bracey attacked her at her campaign office on Sept. 30, the York Daily Record reported.

York Mayor’s office/York city PD

The reports quoted police as saying Brandon Anderson, 30, of York, was charged with punching his mother in the face, knocking her to the ground, and then stomping on her back, head and face while she was down.

“Like thousands of families, our family is confronting the fact that my adult son is battling an opioid addiction,” Bracey said. “No family is immune from this epidemic — which is why we must do everything in our power to solve it.”

She also asked for privacy.

Bracey is running for a third term as mayor.

A person who witnessed the attack intervened when Anderson tried to hit the mayor with a wooden flag pole, the York Daily Record reported Saturday.”

A little taste of AFSOC:

Just imagine if these clowns weren’t totally stupid:

Three men living outside the U.S. planned to attack concerts, Times Square and crowded subways in 2016 in an ISIS-inspired attack that one of the suspects said he hoped would be “the next 9/11,” authorities announced on Friday afternoon.

The FBI said the three men — Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, a 19-year-old Canadian citizen; Talha Haroon, a 19-year-old U.S. citizen based in Pakistan; and Russell Salic, a 37-year-old orthopedic surgeon in the Philippines — allegedly used chat apps to talk about bringing a car bomb into the Crossroads of the World, gunning down subway riders before detonating vests and opening fire on concertgoers in the vein of the Paris terror attacks of 2015.

“NY Needs to fall. This is a must,” Haroon allegedly wrote in a message to an undercover agent posing as an ISIS sympathizer.

FBI and NYPD officials told the I-Team the plot was more aspirational than operational. But according to the indictments, Al Bahnasawy, who has already pleaded guilty to multiple charges, traveled to Cranford, New Jersey, in May of 2016 and had designs on carrying out the attacks before he was cuffed by authorities waiting there for him.”

Stunning and Brave:

Everything takes forever now:

Starting next week, all U.S. Navy corpsmen serving with the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) overseas will be equipped with freeze-dried blood plasma. The decision to have all units carry the lifesaving blood product comes after it was used earlier this year to save the life of a wounded military member from an allied nation.

But the freeze-dried plasma (FDP) used in that rescue was provided to the Marines by an allied country, as will all the FDP the Marines will be carrying in the foreseeable future. That’s because, even though America’s European allies have been using FDP in the field for more than 20 years, its manufacture in the United States still hasn’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Freeze-dried plasma, like other freeze-dried products, is lightweight and requires no refrigeration. Just add water and mix.

Plasma — a mixture of water, sugar, fat, protein, salts and blood components including red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets — contains proteins that help to deliver nutrients and even medicines while preventing blood vessels from collapsing and clogging. It also contains clotting factors that stop bleeding, “making it an important blood product to have on the battlefield,” according to the Armed Services Blood Programs…

..And unlike much heavier fresh frozen plasma, which is stored at about 4 degrees below zero Fahrenheit and requires a 45-minute thawing process, FDP reconstitutes in roughly six minutes. Patients’ vital signs begin to improve minutes later, and the time saved gives the military more time to transfer wounded patients to a hospital where they can receive full medical care, said U.S. Navy Lt. Aaron Conway, a Marine Raider Regiment surgeon, in a statement obtained by the U.S. Naval Institute.”

I don’t see any crime here:

It’s 1 p.m. You’re drunk. You’re naked. You’re not sure if the loaded .45-caliber handgun you set atop a pile of laundry works, and you have doubts about that fully loaded shotgun lying on your bed too. What do you do?

Squeeze off a couple of rounds?

Monroe County sheriff’s deputies say that’s what Roger Sheid, 66, did Tuesday afternoon while hanging out at his Transylvania Avenue house in Key Largo.”

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
Police responded after receiving reports of gunfire. They arrived at the house and found both the front and back doors open. After they called inside for whoever was home to come out, Scheid came to the door, naked “and appeared to be intoxicated,” said Deputy Becky Herrin, media relations officer for the Sheriff’s Office.
Along with the weapons, deputies found two spent pistol casings near the house’s porch. Scheid told deputies two versions of what happened. First that he was cleaning the guns, and then, he was checking to see if they worked.
Neither answer impressed deputies, who arrested him on two counts of unlawful discharge of a firearm and one count of firing a weapon while under the influence of alcohol.”