The Army is Not Happy: 

…about armed civilians who have been appearing at recruiting stations in several states in the wake of the Chattanooga shootings, ostensibly to help guard against such attacks.

According to Stars and Stripes, a U.S. Army Recruiting Command policy letter issued on Monday warns soldiers to “avoid anyone standing outside the recruiting centers attempting to offer protection and report them to local law enforcement and the command, if they feel threatened.”

The directive follows last week’s attack by lone gunman Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez on a recruiting station and another military facility in Chattanooga that resulted in the deaths of five service members.

The U.S. Army newspaper reports: “Armed citizens—some associated with activist groups and militias—were standing vigil outside recruiting centers in Wisconsin, Georgia, Tennessee, Idaho, and elsewhere this week, saying they want to provide protection to servicemembers barred from carrying firearms on duty.”

I admire the sentiment. But, you cannot have people just showing up outside military recruiting areas and hanging out with loaded weapons in full view. Look at that picture above. Would you want to walk past that as a kid in high school? Who are those guys?

The best of intentions are admirable, seeing how the government is yet again trying to deny that we are in a war against Islamic extremism. Hard to muster the gumption to defeat an enemy if you can’t even bring yourself to name the enemy. I get it, I get it. But you can’t have this. I mean, if anything, stay low-vis in a car. If ISIS does pull up, they’ll never see you. That will allow you to leisurely inflict green-tipped freedom rounds in 5.56mm doses upon their domes. Tactics, man.