This might be peak Social Justice Warrior:

They had come to join Native American tribes and environmentalists protesting an oil pipeline, fully expecting to endure tear gas and rubber bullets. But in the end, veterans who traveled to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation found something far more profound.

Inside the auditorium at a reservation casino, Wes Clark Jr. and about a dozen veterans in formation behind him faced a small group of Sioux spiritual leaders. Encircling them, hundreds of other veterans looked on.

“We came. We fought you. We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke,” he said.

Clark, organizer of Veterans Stand with Standing Rock, noted that some of the veterans had served in the same military units that had fought during the Indian Wars. He wore the blue jacket and hat of the 19th century 7th Cavalry, evoking the 140-year-old memory of Gen. George Armstrong Custer. As it happened, he spoke on Custer’s birthday, Dec. 5.

Then on Monday, as a blizzard bore down on Standing Rock, Clark took a knee and bowed before Lakota medicine man Leonard Crow Dog. As smoke from the sacred bundle of cedar, sage and sweetgrass rose, Crow Dog gently placed his hand on Clark’s head. Someone let out a ululating cry, and fellow Sioux spiritual leaders offered prayers and songs of cleansing and forgiveness. Hardened veterans wept openly.”

(Mike McCleary / Bismarck Tribune)

Okaaaaaay. I know, I’m going to come off like a total asshole here, but bear with me. (Not like that’s ever stopped me before.) Remember: there are no sacred cows in the Sofrep News Roundup. Honestly, my first reaction upon seeing this video? I laughed. Like… it’s something I imagine a little kid would come up with.

First, a bit of background is in order. I hadn’t really been following the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) controversy TOO closely. However, after reading up on the issue quite a bit for the last few days, I can see that the simplistic media presentation of the oppressed native tribe being bullied by the evil corporate overseers is not exactly accurate, so here’s a brief summary of the events that led up to this. Bear in mind that this is an extremely complicated and convoluted dispute, and if I did an appropriate summary, this would take all day, so I’m generalizing a bit. Also keep in mind that both sides have been prone to exaggeration and lying, so I’m not really taking a side here, but trying to lay out some facts.

The pipeline itself was planned to be a 1,172 mile underground oil project, running from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota, through South Dakota and Iowa, and ending up at an oil-tank facility in Southern  Illinois. The route was planned to be run beneath both the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, as well as underneath Lake Oahe, which is near (but not on) the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, home to several Lakota and Sioux native tribes. The pipeline was announced in July of 2014, at a budget of 3.75 billion dollars, and, as of November 26th, 2016, was approximately 87% complete. It was due to come online and begin delivering oil in January of 2017, a date that is now most certainly in doubt.

The Standing Rock tribes say that they do not want the pipeline to be drilled underneath their water supply, as they fear leaks. This fear is certainly not without merit, as there have been several major oil pipeline spills in the last several years. Notably, an oil pipeline spill into the Kalamazoo river in 2010 cost nearly a billion dollars to clean up, and in 2015, there was another pipeline that leaked into the Yellowstone River in Montana. The DAPL constructors say that this is a different kind of pipe, far thicker and stronger, with emergency, automatic valves on both ends of the lake that would be quickly shut in the unlikely event of a spill, causing any spillage to be quite minimal. The tribes say their concerns fell on deaf ears, while the DAPL side says they reached out for consultation and were ignored by tribal authorities. And so it goes.

(Daily Kos)

According to the DAPL majority owners, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), all environmental studies had been completed and signed off. Additionally, the company claims that it enlisted cultural consultants and archeologists to avoid certain area. ETP also said that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had already approved the route, albeit with a cursory review, and not a formal Environmental Impact Study. The original route had called for the pipeline to be routed north of Bismarck, but that had been rejected by the Army Corps of Engineers. Notably, the new route follows an already-existing natural gas pipeline, and was planned to be bored underneath the river bed by about 90 feet, so this is not virgin ground. Additionally, ETP is drilling on private property, NOT on the Reservation itself. However, the Standing Rock tribes claim that the area where they are drilling is not only sacred land, but under a technicality, still belongs to them under the treaty of Fort Laramie in 1851. Now, following weeks of highly-publicized protest, the Army Corps of Engineers reversed itself, and has denied permission for ETP to drill underneath the river, which is where it stands now.

The behavior by both sides has been less than admirable. We’ve all seen the videos of the militarized police using water cannons to disperse people in freezing cold weather. But in story after story, the myth of the “peaceful protester” goes consistently unchallenged. Ask local law enforcement and local ranchers, and quite a different perspective starts to emerge. A great, neutral article at the New York Times quotes local law enforcement telling stories of locals being attacked by bats, poles, and horses. Local law enforcement and politicians are being threatened with death on social media. And it would be nice if we could stop with the urban legends about police tossing frag grenades into the crowd resulting in limbs being amputated, which my man Vasilis already showed is complete bullshit. But everyone is still talking about “shrapnel,” even after local law enforcement demonstrated on youtube that concussion grenades do not leave shrapnel.

As you can see, it’s a complicated issue, and I’m barely scratching the surface. However, that’s the gist of the situation. The ETP is now extremely pissed off, because not only have they lost approximately a half a billion dollars due to the protest-related delays, but they are claiming that, in true banana republic fashion, the Obama administration has abandoned the rule of law in favor of political favoritism. After all, it was the administration’s own Army Corps of Engineers that gave permission  to proceed. Now, this company faces bankrupting itself because the White House flipped on them. The natives, too, are pissed off because they say this threatened their way of life and their water supply, and disparages the private property that they deem “sacred land.” In discussing this on the podcast this week with Army Ranger Rooster and USMC Recon Marine Bird, I cynically noted that sacred land never seems to be an issue when it comes time to building the casino, or the roads that lead to that casino, but whatever:

Which all leads us to one Wesley Clark Jr., SJW extraordinary up there in his cavalry outfit. Yes, his dad is that one guy. Somehow, Wesley convinced thousands of veterans to drop everything they were doing and join him up in North Dakota in the middle of the winter. My first reaction to that was disbelief. Like… don’t any of these guys have jobs? I feel like I don’t have time for anything, much less taking off for weeks at a time to go freeze my balls off somewhere in North Dakota. And being the cold-hearted prick that I am, part of me thinks that the reason that so many veterans joined in this particular cause of social action and not, say, protesting at the VA for letting our fellow veterans lay around coated in filth and maggots, is because it’s an adventure and the media is enormously sympathetic to it. Not to mention perhaps a teensy-bit of virtue-signaling. PERHAPS. Nobody is going to give you Facebook “likes” for protesting against high taxes, that’s for sure. But hey: It’s a free country, and if you really feel this strongly about it, knock yourself out.

Side note: is anyone other than myself and Bill Maher  ill-mannered enough to point out the spectacle of America’s leftists solemnly speaking of “sacred ground” and being incredibly respectful of Native American religious beliefs when those same people mock Christianity every day of the week? It’s like the more primitive the religion, the more deference these godless liberals show towards it. I mean, they make fun of “Sky Daddy” and all that, but one word of criticism of Islam and Native American religious beliefs and they are ready to THROW DOWN. As an agnostic, it’s amusing to me.

But back to Wesley Clark jr. Now, there were already rumblings in the Havok Journal and elsewhere about the ginormous gofundme account that Wesley set up to ostensibly help veterans. That damn thing has over a million dollars in it, and Havok Journal author Scott Faith blasted the deception of Clark in a blistering post:

It seems like the veterans who supported the call, many of whom had noble intentions and some of whom I know personally, were basically used as “useful idiots” to promote Mr. Clark’s far-left agenda. Now, facing extreme hardship, they’ve been left out to dry. No worries though; after all, according to the protest organizers themselves, the veterans and other outside supporters “served their purpose.” With $1.2 million in the bank, and the national spotlight shining bright, I’ll leave it up to you to decide what that “purpose” actually was.”

Scott, I’ll tell you what the purpose was: To draw accolades and fame to Wesley Clark Jr.

I mean, old Wes really topped himself this time. Every story you saw on this was verbally FELLATING the guy. The lefties who run the media can’t get enough of this story, and you know the indians goddamn LOVED it. I mean, what native wouldn’t love a white guy playing dress-up in a cavalry uniform on his knees, begging for mercy in the sacred elder gathering place casino? Shit, I would, and I’m not even native. Wesley the Showman actually had a whole gigantic outdoor ceremony planned, complete with bagpipes and marching formations, only to have that canked on account of the shit weather. You know he had to be bummed about that. Nevertheless, this had the effect of raising Wesley’s profile amongst those from whom he most craved recognition: His fellow SJWs in the newsrooms across the country. Let’s face it, Wesley’s career as a screenwriter in Hollywood wasn’t exactly working out, but this got him some serious face time. His own tv show is in the works by now, I bet. While those veterans were out in the cold freezing to death in a misguided adventure, Wesley was allegedly holed up in the nice warm casino, basking in the adulation of his compatriots for being One of the Good White People. Not a good look, bud.

REUTERS/Stephanie Keith

Look, the indians got fucked over, no doubt. We kicked the shit out of them. But that was a different time, and it was war. On the list of shit that is killing Native Americans, an oil pipeline shouldn’t even be in the discussion. Enough with applying modern standards to events from hundreds of years ago, and enough with this myth of the noble savage that liberal America LOVES. Before the crackers even touched down, the native peoples were killing each other all the time. Why do you think Cortez was able to subdue the entire Aztec empire  with only a few hundred guys? Sure, they were afraid of the mysterious white men, but Cortez was also able to get a lot of tribes to ally with him, due to the Aztec’s propensity for murdering other tribes’ prisoners in elaborate human sacrifice rituals.

On the other hand, we still live in a country where the rule of law is supposed to mean something. This energy company spent a massive amount of money complying with federal and state regulations, bought all the land, did the cultural research, filled out all the right paperwork, and then the administration that granted them the right to do everything swoops in when they are practically done and says, “Nah?” Because of bad publicity? You can’t have that. It would put an absolute chill in any infrastructure investment, and that’s what this is. I myself am thankful that we have energy companies smart enough to extract this oil and give us this miraculous, cushy lifestyle. You’d think more would feel the same. This is exactly what liberals have said they want: spending on infrastructure, good jobs, energy independence from the backwards, terrorist-enabling Middle East. So what happened? A lot of those good jobs, including DAPL jobs and new small businesses, go to natives themselves, you know.

Let me know what you think. Regardless how you come down on the actual pipeline, I think we can all agree on one thing: Wesley Clark Jr. is a silly drama queen. Take that half-assed General Custer outfit and go home. You’re killing your father, Wesley.

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Investigated for killing a bomb-making terrorist (again):

A decorated war hero is being investigated for a second time after Army officials said he admitted to killing an unarmed detainee who was not a listed target.

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command has reopened its probe into former Major Mathew L. Golsteyn after he appeared on Fox News in October, saying he killed a suspected bomb maker in 2010 during the battle of Marja in Afghanistan, The Washington Post reported.”

(daily mail)

During a sweep of nearby buildings after the blast, Golsteyn and his men found a man sheltering in a building filled with equipment used to make bombs.

The suspect refused to talk to investigators, and Golsteyn was ordered to release him under strict rules of engagement – but the Green Beret said he killed him instead.

According to a report by Army investigator Zachary Jackson, Golsteyn later told CIA agents during a polygraph test that he used a local tribal leader to identify the man as a Taliban fighter.

Reluctant to let the fighter go, Golsteyn allegedly told the CIA agents that he and another soldier took the man off the base, shot him, and then buried him in an unmarked grave.”

Scumbag ‘Human Rights Lawyer’ schwacked:

A human rights lawyer who brought murder and torture claims against UK troops has admitted misconduct charges.

Phil Shiner, from the now-defunct law firm Public Interest Lawyers, faces being struck off after paying thousands of pounds to a fixer to find clients, a disciplinary tribunal heard.

He admitted he also acted recklessly by publicly claiming UK troops unlawfully killed, tortured and mistreated Iraqis.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon called on Mr Shiner to apologise.”

(The Times)

The disciplinary tribunal heard Mr Shiner admitted nine allegations of acting without integrity, including making “unsolicited direct approaches” to potential clients through a fixer.
It heard he paid thousands of pounds to a man – referred to in court papers as “Z”, but who is understood to be called Abu Jamal – for the client referrals, which is prohibited…

The five-year investigation, which cost £31m, ruled in 2014 that allegations of murder and torture made against British soldiers by Iraqi detainees were “deliberate lies.””

Religion of Peace update one:

The death toll from twin bomb blasts outside a football stadium in Istanbul has risen to 38, including 30 police officers.

Officials revealed the increased number of victims as they claimed Kurdish militant group the PKK were behind the attack on Saturday, which is believed to have targeted police.”

(Reuters: Murad Sezer)

Another Kurdish militant group, an off-shot of the PKK called TAK, later claimed responsibility for the blasts.

The explosions occurred outside the Vodaphone Arena stadium of Besiktas football club while they were playing a game against Bursapor.

Turkish interior minister, Süleyman Soylu, told the Hurriyet newspaper that the blasts had occurred near a police bus.”

Religion of Peace update two:

The blast rocked Somalia’s biggest seaport – in capital Mogadishu – in the early hours of Sunday morning.

At least 29 people – most of them porters at the port – have been killed in the attack.

Police said it was followed by gunfire.”

REUTERS/Feisal Omar

Islamic terror group Al-Shabbab has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Police have confirmed at least 29 people are dead – but the death toll may rise.

Major Abdikadi Ahmed – a police officer investigating the attack – said: “The death toll may rise.

“There were porters and public vehicles queuing outside the gate when the blast occurred.””

Religion of Peace update 3:

At least 25 people were killed and 49 injured after an explosion inside a church attached to the Coptic Cathedral in Cairo’s Abbassyia district early Sunday morning, Minister of Health Ahmed Emad said.

The Coptic Church’s spokesman Rev Paul Halim told Al-Ahram Arabic news website that the explosion took place in the small church of St Peter and St Paul (El-Botroseya), attached to the Coptic Cathedral.”



Security forces are screening the area and have blocked the main roads surrounding the cathedral.

Hundreds of Muslim and Coptic protesters gathered at the cathedral, chanting against the attack on the church in a show of both anger and unity.

A number of protesters attempted to remove the cordons around the cathedral, which led to minor skirmishes with security forces.”

Former Marine Congressman opposes Mattis for SecDef:

A member of Congress who served as a Marine in Iraq said he has been called “everything you can under the sun” by fellow veterans for his decision to oppose retired Marine Gen. James N. Mattis becoming defense secretary, but he stands by his choice.

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D.-Ariz.), who became a congressman last year, said he has been insulted repeatedly by fellow combat veterans, with some inaccurately calling him “POG,” a derisive acronym that stands for “person other than grunt” and implies he did not serve in the infantry. Others called him a “Blue Falcon,” a term describing someone who turns on a friend for their own personal gain.

“Marines in general are the harshest critics of other Marines,” Gallego said, adding that he doesn’t take it personally. “I’ve been told what I can do with different parts of my body orifices to myself.””

Meanwhile in Philly:

POLICE use a Taser to bring down a naked man who had been attacking parked cars in this shocking footage.

The nude male can be seen walking down the street hitting cars as the video begins before standing in the middle of the road and obstructing moving vehicles.”

As the clip continues the well-built man notices the cameraman and walks towards the car.

As he starts to panic the cameraman shouts for the gathering policemen to “hit him” and asked what they are waiting for.

The shot pans away from the man before capturing his anguished scream as he falls down the ground after being struck by the Taser.”