This morning the “Hawks Brigade” rebel group in Syria has executed an attack against a Syrian government checkpoint.  The Hawks are one of the organizations in Syria conducting occasional suicide attacks.  The Vehicular Borne Improvised Explosive Device carries with it the tactics straight out of Iraq a few years ago when insurgents were buildings their IED’s larger and larger to counter American up-armored vehicles.  For instance, my friend was nearly knocked over in Mosul when an VBIED went off at the gate at FOB Marez in Mosul nearly a mile away.  This VIED had been an entire tractor trailer truck.

Who was the unlucky volunteer in the Syrian VBIED?  That is unknown at this time but one source appears to indicate that a type of “dowry” auction is taking place in Saudi Arabia where Islamic extremists are auctioning off their children for suicide attacks.  This is unconfirmed and it should be noted that there is a tremendous amount of propaganda being waved about in this conflict.  There is also some justifiable suspicion that Western PR firms are working for the Assad regime to attempt to improve it’s image in Western eyes and spin the entire conflict as a terrorist uprising.

We’re going to continue to probe this issue and bring SOFREP readers as insightful and accurate information as possible without falling victim to anybody’s daily propaganda quota.  When we don’t know, we’ll tell you and let the reader make up his or her mind.