Many of you have been with our community from the beginning – almost seven years at this point. While this site has always been the flagship, many don’t realize that we have several other channels in our portfolio.

In addition to NEWSREP we have The Loadout Room (gear and adventure), Special Operations (spec ops history and reference), Fighter Sweep (military themed aviation), SOFREP Radio (podcast), and the Spec Ops Channel (video-on-demand for military training, documentaries, and interviews). In the coming months, we’ll be working on merging all of these sites into one with some extra surprises, including the unveiling of our new site name in October.

So, what does that mean for you? More content included with your membership all in one place. No more running to multiple websites in order to view all of the awesome content we have – or in some cases – no more missing out on all of that great content because you didn’t know it existed.

Your new membership will remain at the same price, and you’ll have exponentially more content at your fingertips – long-form editorial, exclusive videos, deals, and events inside the new Team Room. If you’re a Crate Club subscriber you’ll also get access to the Team Room digital portal, plus some added perks that we’ll divulge once the new site launches.

At the forefront of this new site is you – our community. We want to hear from you as we are in the process of developing the new super site. If you have ideas for new features, new content, let us know in the comment section below, and thank you for supporting a veteran run business.