This post is to officially inform the NEWSREP community that Jack Murphy is leaving to pursue other endeavors after more than seven years with our site.

He has covered some massively important topics, including some that garnered national attention. Here are just a few examples out of many that could be listed:

As we move forward, our team of writers will continue to write about foreign policy, security, defense news, and more. As your new editor-in-chief, I’ll also be hiring additional military journalists in the coming weeks and months. Be assured that we’re moving toward building out a robust group of writers to add to our existing team of proven journalists. We also have plans for a new “super site” that will host all of our content, gear, and much more. If you’ve been around since the old SOFREP days, you’re going to love this new site and what it offers.

Here’s a message from Jack —

Hey folks, after thousands of articles written and published on NEWSREP, I’m moving on to other endeavors.

What does this mean for the direction of the site? More of the same. Great content, top-notch journalists, and a continuation of the standard that was established years ago. We have a great writing staff and will be supplementing the current team with new writers as the right candidates come along. Nick Coffman, the editor-in-chief of Crate Club Group, will be formally assuming those duties for NEWSREP as well.

Thank you to everyone who contributed over the years, both writers and readers.

Godspeed, Jack. We wish you all the best, and appreciate all the hard work.