November 1-3 — Russia will be conducting missile exercises off the coast of Norway, not far from where NATO is conducting its own Trident Juncture exercises with its military allies in the region. Both sides are aware of the drills and exercises conducted by each other, and have coordinated the events so as not to interfere with one another.

November 4 — Set your watches back one hour for Daylight Savings Time.

November 6 — The United States will hold its mid-term elections. The elections have several highly contested seats open and these races will have a lasting impact on US politics.

November 7 — Massive military exercise with NATO and US allies will end, while the exercise involves as many as 50,000 personnel from the United States and its allies, this exercise has been condemned by Russia as a provocation… regardless of the invitation given to Russia to observe the drills and exercise by NATO.

November 11 — Veterans Day.

One hundred year anniversary of World War 1, also known as “The Great War”, which eventually claimed 9 million combatants and millions of civilians. This war changed the world and warfare in many ways. The scope of the war had never before been seen in warfare, coupled with many advances in warfare that included trench warfare, deadly gas, aerial surveillance and combat, and many other advancements.

President Trump is expected to meet with Vladimir Putin in Paris. This will be their second meeting this year after their meeting in Helsinki in July.