Across Eastern Ukraine, Russia is moving in artillery, leaders, tanks, and troops. Although, that’s nothing new. The thing that makes this maneuver different is the sudden stationing of Moscow leadership in Eastern Ukraine and the promotion of key Russian military leadership who have overseen Russian operations in Eastern Ukraine.

Make no mistake, the war in Ukraine is not being hosted by a rag-tag group of rebels. This war is being orchestrated from the Kremlin – As long and ugly as it has been.

The inevitability of this third offensive against Ukraine has reached its capstone and known realism.

DSC_2468-750x440A shell game of empty aid trucks from Russia to East Ukraine has begun again with the 53rd  “Gumkonvoya,” and the trucks again arrived, half-empty. The State Border Service of Ukraine recorded the convoy at Russian checkpoint “Donetsk” as it entered Ukraine. The convoy was unannounced, unregistered, and  in violation of the norms of international and domestic law consistent with the standards established by the International Committee of the Red Cross.