A man survives underwater, for nearly 3 days, with nothing more than a pocket of air and a bottle of Coke.

29 year-old Ship’s Cook Okene was on board the Jascon-4 tugboat when it was slammed and sunk by heavy Atlantic swells 20 miles from the coast of Nigeria. The ship settled at about 100’ below the surface and almost immediately became an underwater tomb for all but one of the 12 man crew.

Watching the video released by the DCN Diving will disturb you, as the gruesome appearance of a human hand appears in the murky waters. What perhaps will keep you up at night is to watch the hand twitch and then grab the diver.

“He’s alive!” the diver shouts, in a Donald Duck-like voice, back to the control center he’s been communicating with by way of a tethered radio.

How is this possible and why does his voice sound like Donald Duck?

The survivor is trapped in an air pocket that is roughly 100’ deep. At this depth everything is compressed, to include the air surrounding the vocal cords. This pressure makes voices sound duck-like. I can’t imagine what Okene must have thought was happening to his mind as he heard his own voice under such compression.

Rebreathers & How He Survived

Special Operations forces use what are called rebreathers. Compressed oxygen that is circulated  back to the diver. This is basically the same principle that kept this man alive.