Feature Image, Norwood, SOFREP Award-Winning Contributing Editor

I am a decent writer, so I fancy, but I no longer consider myself the best writer in SOFREP, so went an essay I jokingly wrote months ago to brag on other writers in the organization.

I no longer consider myself the best, because in fact Mr. Norwood is the best writer in SOFREP, according to the fans. Yes, the people have spoken, and there is no doubting the people, people.

In fact behind the SOFREP pay wall, once it was ‘lowered’ for the holidays as an advertisement maneuver by management, a writing contest was initiated. As the solitary rule applied, the writer who could gin up the most subscribers would be the winner of the contest, and subject to a consequent cash bonus.

Sure, we all recognized the idea was a ploy by Jack Murphy to trick us into doing a good job, but we were game. Most of us ain’t got a heap a book-learnin’, but we can lift heavy things.

First of all it was an absolute blast, what with all the ball-breaking and chop-busting among the spirited players of the SOFREP writers gild. It was all good-natured, mind you, but I admit I submitted some eight articles of the best penning I could muster at the time. One of my essays even got me an invitation from the Delta Force command group to ‘kindly shut the phuq up’—whoops!! Point well-taken.

I believe it was at the end of the first week that Editor Desiree Huitt posted the results, and the high score went to Frumentarious. Well, did I expect anything less? Not at such. I know as well as the next pen-pusher that Fru can carry the day, on any given day.

As the next weeks came and went, so did the top earner; like one day you, one day me… it was a crescendo of credible contribution. When I came to the realization that I could not power through on talent alone, I reverted to quantity over quality, like some Russian Engineering: “Plane is no good; make plane bigger!”