What to make of this latest June 6th, 2015, article in the New York Times, detailing the “secret history” of SEAL Team 6? I am torn between writing about the subject and ignoring it. Instead, I will refrain from addressing the details of the Times’ article, but instead comment on the meta aspect of the story. In other words, how did this article come to be written? And why?

The answer to the ‘why’ is fairly obvious. Many people these days have an insatiable appetite for all things special operations, especially, it seems, those stories that involve the Navy SEALs. I get that. Hell, I am a former SEAL, writing this article on a website started by a former SEAL, that caters to just such a predilection. I obviously get it.

Into the mirror gaze I, describing for all what there I see.

So the Times story has all the makings of a spec-ops spy thriller. There are commandos (though, we are told, they do not like to use that term) ‘soaked in blood that was not their own,’ black ops, ‘advanced force operations’ teams, the CIA-SEAL “Omega Program,” and custom-made tomahawks, for Christ’s sake.