Hi everyone-

I’m rounding the corner to the finish line on my next book, and wanted to share the opening introduction with the Team Room. Enjoy. -Brandon


After the dust settled from writing and releasing my memoir, The Red Circle, I was stuck about what to do for my next writing project. I was working on a few ideas for a book on Special Operations and considering taking a stab at my first novel (writing it as we speak)—but then something happened that put all those plans on hold.

One day I received an email through my author website from a man I’d never met but whose name, Michael Bearden (Sr.), was completely familiar to me. He said he’d been feeling a little down one day after delivering a Memorial Day address as part of a tribute to veterans, so he and his wife went out to the bookstore to look for some reading to take his mind off their own private pain. “For some years,” he wrote, “I have avoided reading anything to do with SEALs, but I saw The Red Circle and was drawn to it.” He picked the book up and started browsing through it … and was stunned when he came to a passage talking about his own son, Mike Bearden, and our experiences during our time as fellow SEAL sniper students.