North Korea has once again ruffled the feathers of world leaders with a ballistic missile test, this time, passing directly over Japan’s northern most Home Island, Hokkaido.  The missile then broke up into three parts, the furthest reaching portion flying another 733 miles past the Japanese coast.

Although no damage occurred, the Japanese population experienced an extremely tense few minutes, as sirens and alerts notified the northern population of the nation to seek shelter as the missile flew overhead.  Japanese and U.S. assets are said to have tracked the missile from its launch, and verified that it did not pose a threat to allied or American targets, per a statement released by the Department of Defense.

This launch was the second in less than a week, with the volley of three missiles initially reported as a failure by the Pentagon, though subsequent reports have indicated that the missiles may have functioned properly, and crashed into the sea, which South Korean defense officials also substantiate.

The missile tested yesterday was unlike previous ballistic missile tests fielded by Kim Jong Un’s North Korean regime, but not dissimilar from the platform North Korea attempted to use in an ill-fated attempt at launching a satellite into orbit, as reported by SOFREP the day of the launch.