The term “tacticool” is often used among guys like me that appreciate a good piece of gear… and don’t appreciate the look of a weapon that has had too many odds and ends strapped to it to be of any use.  Some gear is useful, even essential, to improving your chances of coming out of a fight alive, while keeping your pocket protector full of brand new “tactical pens” may not amount too much for the non-John Wicks among us.

In short, tacticool is often a derogatory term reserved for the silly or non-useful bits of gear we see marketed as important for the suburban “war fighter” – things that might seem like they made your loadout more badass, but actually amount to nothing but extra weight and a cool new profile picture for your Facebook page.

Most the world’s militaries avoid these sorts of things, opting instead to focus on lower costs and higher efficiency in the name of winning wars without breaking the bank, but one nation has repeatedly demonstrated their priorities to be more in line with “cool Facebook pics” than operational capabilities – and pictures from a recent military competition held within their reclusive state shows that this nation’s tanks are nothing short of “tacticool,” indeed.

Do I really need to tell you which country would start strapping things to the sides of their tanks just to try to make them look scarier?  You guessed it: North Korea.