Just about to shut my computer off for tonight and a new social media tool, a global crystal ball of sorts, that SOFREP now has access too, sent me an alert about more gun fire and helicopters north of Paris. I wanted to get you guys a quick update from what’s being fed into social media as a result.

It would appear from the BBC report that shots fired, and helicopters are in connection with the ongoing manhunt in Paris to track down the terrorists involved in the deadly attack.

Multiple shots fired, and people ushered to safety from a small Paris suburb east of the Le Bourget airport. We can be sure that the German’s special response units are also supporting.  More below…

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.36.12 AM

From the BBC

Heavy shooting has been heard in the northern Paris suburb of Saint Denis, as police continue a hunt for those involved in last Friday’s attacks.