In my previous article, I touched on the events of September 11 and discussed the reasons behind why we cannot forget them. I did not pen the article because I thought people would somehow actually forget that it took place, but instead wrote it with the intention of urging people to retain some piece of the emotion that they felt that morning.

Reflection and self-awareness have long been regarded as the most important self-development traits a human can partake in. Reflecting on experiences forces people to acknowledge them and ultimately allows them to make sense and learn from them. People who do not actively apply this practice are in effect stumbling blindly through life and are bound to make the same mistakes over and over.

This mindset is extremely relative when it comes to the events of September 11, and in the closing statements of my previous article I concluded:

“…it is up to us as the custodians of the 9/11 legacy to never ever forget that day. It is up to us to uphold the memory of just how brazen that attack was and to not let time dilute the fact that thousands of innocent people were needlessly murdered. Whilst I understand that the younger generation may not have the same emotional attachment as those of us who were adults at the time do, we must maintain an unwavering commitment to fighting this ideology and all those who purvey it. We must continue to drown out those adult voices who have forgotten just how significant that fateful morning was as well as those who have lost the appetite for war.”