Before you fire from the hip and “Blame Obama,” President Reagan set the stage for the majority of the strange laws that restrict law enforcement officials along the Mexican border. The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, was bipartisanly woven together under a variety of misrepresentations such as the misuse of the term amnesty which was originally dictated to mean for the 1.7 million illegals already living in the United States at that time, not for follow-on actions. The law itself was imposed in hopes of beefing up the middle-class, improving border security, imposing harsher fines on those who employ illegals and other idealized notions that historically did not manifest. In fact, by the time the finally passed, 3 million illegal received amnesty under the law at the time.

This 1986 Act is well before my voting age came about, and I was not even slightly familiar with until I spoke with a 27 year California Highway Patrol veteran, about his encounters with the Mexican border. This is the part of our conversation that focused on pursuits.

Buck: “As Highway Patrol, what are most of your encounters from: moving violations, speeding, supporting pursuits?”

CHP: “Oh no, not even close. We will show up when asked but we can’t pursue illegals.”

Buck: “You can’t pursue illegals? Do you mean at all?”

CHP: “It’s tricky, but it is advised to not pursue in a vehicle. Usually, air will watch them if it’s available, or not; but it gets passed down until they stop somewhere, and maybe somebody follows-up.”

Buck: “How is this possible?”

CHP: “The 1986 Act gave way for an influx of illegals, and the Mexican consulate was in complete support of it.”