I recently read an article titled, “Hillary Clinton Isn’t Sick. You Are.” from the Daily Beast. The article’s author basically shakes her finger at everyone for calling out Hillary on her apparent health issues. The fact that we as voters are asking questions about her health is undermining her campaign with sexism and agism.

When Hillary Clinton began mapping out her presidential campaign, she knew that clearing the hurdle to become the first woman commander in chief would be paramount. What she didn’t know or fully understand 18 months ago was how her age would work against her in subtle and cruel ways, and how ageism and sexism can combine in a double whammy undermining her candidacy.”

Unfounded rumors spread by Donald Trump and his allies about Clinton’s allegedly poor health and lack of stamina found their mark Sunday in a video gone viral that shows Clinton stumbling as aides help her into a waiting car. Her doctor’s statement released several hours later revealed Clinton had been diagnosed the previous Friday with pneumonia, a common and treatable condition, but which takes longer to recover from if you’re over 65; Clinton is 68, soon to be 69.”

Clinton is on her own to make her way. There is no template for a woman of her vintage. “Ageism is rampant these days, but of course it’s worse for a woman,” says Deborah Tannen, a professor of linguistics at Georgetown University. “Why is there more fuss about Hillary’s age than Donald’s? Because an older man looks distinguished,” she says, although that’s not the first adjective one would apply to Trump.

“Older women are invisible,” says Tannen, in the sense they are insignificant in public life. The medical flap sticks to Clinton and becomes “Healthgate” in a way it wouldn’t for a man because it plays into an existing suspicion that a woman in this role is “not quite right for this,” says Tannen. – Daily Beast

You don’t see Donald Trump collapsing in the arms of secret service, being propped up by his handlers, or trying to become president with a history of neurological issues. If she cannot remember simple intel briefings from a concussion in 2012, what else will she miss while in office? How can you trust the judgement of someone with memory blackout periods? While the author does mention that there is a lack of transparency on the part of Hillary and her campaign, she is also under the assumption that Hillary can do no wrong.

Hillary’s campaign just released a letter from her private doctor on her health that confirmed the diagnosis of pneumonia. Based on the video of her collapsing after the 9/11 memorial, there still seems to be something under the surface that Hilary’s campaign is not being truthful about.

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