Disclaimer: Huge Oakley fan so I’m biased towards these awesome lenses. 

I first discovered Oakley Stand Issue’s (SI) Prizm technology back at the 2015 SHOT show in Vegas. I’ve had a chance to use Oakley’s glasses on the range and was instantly impressed with how much of an advantage they create in clarity over other shades.

In simple terms, Oakley SI Prizm tech takes your planned environment (shooting range, ocean, etc.) and customizes the lens to be most optimal in a particular environment.

I had a chance to use the glasses on a trip to Puerto Rico where I was in and out of the water and the Prizm Maritime is just bad ass. My girlfriend was laughing at how obsessed I was with the glasses until she swapped her’s for mine and saw how the surface of the ocean just opened up with color and shade from the reef below. Ironically they’re her glasses now.