Departing President Barack Obama participated in his final press conference while at the helm of the federal government today.

The president opened by addressing the hospitalization of George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara, saying that he and Michelle Obama are sending their prayers for a speedy recovery.

President Obama also credited the press for keeping politicians honest, and said that he enjoyed working with the press corps during his time in office, despite not liking all the stories that have come out of their interactions.

After speaking briefly, the President opened himself up to questions from the press.  The very first question levied to him pertained to yesterday’s announcement that he would be commuting Chelsea Manning’s sentence for leaking stolen information from a secure military server to Julian Assange while she served as an intelligence analyst for the United States Army.  Manning was sentenced to thirty-five years, but yesterday’s decision sets her to be released in five months, after having served only seven or so years of her sentence.