“You are what your record says you are.” This famous quotation was spoken by Bill Parcells in 1994 during his tenure as head coach of the New England Patriots. It emphasized the notion that his team’s accountability for their actions was more telling than the rhetoric spouted to reporters. In light of the recent discussion following the second RNC debate and subsequent controversy in which Donald Trump did not correct a supporter who stated Obama is a Muslim, it’s worth taking a look at some facts.

I remember back in 2008, when then-presidential candidate Barak Obama was being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos and said “my Muslim faith.” Stephanopoulos stepped in and corrected him, following which Obama said “my Christian faith.” Freud is alive and well. Yes, Obama did regularly attend Trinity United Church of Christ, but resigned in 2008 when public perception and political expediency made it difficult for him to be associated with the church’s tenants (the church adopted a controversial Black Value System and later, video surfaced of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “God Damn America” sermon from 2012). Yet, it’s Obama’s actions as president and commander-in-chief that establish a record.

The Iran Nuclear Deal immediately releases 55 billion dollars to a radical Islamic theocracy that is responsible for hundreds of American deaths. Oil income resulting from the removal of sanctions is conservatively estimated to generate an additional 200 billion dollars. Where will that money go? Of course, Iran will be eligible for volume discounts on the purchase of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Our foreign policy “victories” in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and throughout Africa and the Middle East have provided ISIS with weapons, armored vehicles (some estimates suggest 2,300 armored HMMWVs or Humvees, which at a base price of about $145,000–$220,000 comes to another half-billion dollars), and munitions, which push the amount over one billion. It could be argued that the Obama White House is now among the largest financial supporters of state-sponsored terrorism. Obama’s support of Islam is also reflected in his domestic actions.

The Oklahoma beheading of a 54-year-old grandmother by a recent convert to Islam is considered “workplace violence.” The Ft. Hood killing of 13 military personnel by Nidal Malik Hassan in 2009 was also labeled “workplace violence” even after Hassan, while in custody and now on death row, asked to be considered a citizen of the Islamic State and allowed to draft a letter to that effect in 2014. It was not until April of this year when the WH finally caved and called it terrorism. Yet, for some American/Christian victims, benefits are still being withheld.

A 2014 United Nations report states that ISIS has killed 24,000 Christians, while Obama stated in a 2009 speech in Cairo that “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.” In 2010, he doubled down and said, “I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.” I’m sure the survivors of 9/11 agree with that quotation. Obama is correct: Islam has forever changed the New York skyline.

The families of the current hostages in Iran may have a thought on this issue, too. Obama has made few to no comments on the execution of Christian children, many by crucifixion. And let us not forget that Obama released five Taliban operatives in exchange for an accused deserter whose father is a practicing Muslim. Shall we discuss the lies of Benghazi?

Four Marines and a sailor were killed in Chattanooga by an Islamic extremist. Two hours later, Obama issued a national statement recognizing Ramadan and the Muslim holiday. Only after five days of significant public pressure did he recognize loss of American life by lowering the flags to half-mast.