In a friendly yet intense competition, Combat Divers from 3rd Special Forces Group – Airborne (SFG-A) and 7th SFG-A went head to head to claim top honors in Group. In buddy team fashion, each pair of divers fought fiercely against each other in maybe the most physically demanding Combat Diver Competition to date.

Special Forces Operational Detachment – Alpha (ODA) 3315 of 3rd SFG-A narrow stiffed out their competition. ODA 3125 came second and ODA 7115 third.

The winners of 2021's Combat Diver Competition
The winners of 2021’s Combat Diver Competition

The winners received memberships to the Combat Diver Foundation (CDF) and other sweet swag.

Special Forces Green Berets are naturally type A soldiers. This, combined with a dive bubble on their chests and a chance to show the Command Team that they are the best, makes for an exciting competition.