Ah, life on the road. By the time this article goes up, I’ll be on an airplane headed to Vegas for SHOT Show and waiving goodbye to my hard-earned gains as I zoom across the sky with a Cinnabon and two nips of vodka in hand.

Finding a way to workout while you’re traveling can be tough. With uncertain levels of equipment at your disposal and no room in your luggage for free weights, it’s a near certainty that your normal regimen won’t cut it. The thing is – that can be a good thing. If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself falling into some workout habits. They’re not necessarily BAD ones, they’re things like doing shoulders on Monday or always starting chest workouts on the flat bench – but when it comes to fitness, you tend to get the best results from keeping your body guessing. We’re exceptionally good at adapting to the challenges we face regularly, so as functional athletes, we need to stay one step ahead of that process.

And a week on the road can serve as your opportunity to switch your game up entirely.

While lots of people head to Las Vegas for SHOT Show and stay in hotels, we here at SOFREP will be living under one roof – sort of like the Jersey Shore, but with way more highly trained veteransveteransveterans and way less hair gel. Renting a whole house offers a lot of benefits – including privacy to work – but it also means there won’t be a gym on site like those enjoying the hotel life get to take advantage of. These types of circumstances leave the fitness-minded with a few options, and it’s best to pick which is best for you based on circumstances, over preference.

Option 1: Go find a gym

After all, you can’t take gym selfies without one.

Let’s all be honest with each other here, most of the time that we’re traveling, it’s for work – and that means two things: you probably have a rental car, and you’re all by yourself in a new place. While some nights may be full of work trip (TAD/TDY) drinkups with coworkers, customers, or cohorts from afar, there will inevitably come a time where you’re back in your room, feeling a bit antsy about being holed up in there until morning, but not really the type to lounge in a hotel bar. When you find yourself in that position, hop in your sweet rented econobox and drive to the local gym.

Most gyms have a policy regarding out-of-town lifters – they may let you hit it once for free, but often they’ll charge you a few bucks for the chance to sling some weights around in new territory. You’ll also need to sign a liability waiver, but if you’ve got the time and access, this is as close as you’ll get to maintaining something approximating your existing regimen while on the road.

But what if you don’t have a rental car, don’t have the time to shmooze some kid at a counter for 15 minutes just to lay your hands on some weights, and still want to get your heart rate up? Well, then it’s time for option 2…