(You can read part 9 here)

(Dedicated to Sofrep family brother: WayTooMuchGear [WTMG])

The next two days went well enough well, boring actually. I had little to no money and had resigned to wandering the streets to avoid an inevitable seizure by the scoundrels who sent me here. ‘Play the game’ was the mantra that ricocheted inside my head; ‘always play the game; if not, the game will play you.’

That was an interesting phrase, one that urges you to take and keep control of a situation. It is pithy enough, but it doesn’t explain how you are supposed to achieve anything. I guess you will recognize it when you see it and take action. It sounds cool though, especially when you find yourself in situations with nothing clever left to say. But then we do what we have to do, and that’s what makes us who we are… right?