RC-West: ODA 1314, MSOT 8222 & Afghan Commandos (April 6, 2010, in the village of Daneh Pasab, Bala Murghab River Valley, Afghanistan.)

The Back Story as release by the PAO so take it for what it’s worth: BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (Courtesy of CJSOTF-A Public Affairs, April 16, 2010)  – Commandos from the 4th Commando Kandak, assisted by U. S. Special Operations Forces, were attacked during a presence patrol in Joy Koja village, Murghab district, Badghis province April 15.

For more than one week, insurgents in the Murghab River Valley struggled to maintain their dwindling presence in the area, which previously served as a nexus for illegal narcotics terrorist-related activity throughout Badghis province. Commandos and USSOF began an active presence in the area after complaints from villagers and other local leader,s who reported insurgents had occupied their homes and villages. Additionally, several area residents were killed by improvised explosive devices planted by the same group of insurgents in recent weeks.

On April 6, during a 12-hour battle, Afghan-led forces, in cooperation with local government officials, killed dozens of insurgents, seized weapons and narcotics stockpiles, and destroyed an intricate tunnel system which had been used as a headquarters, distribution and supply location for insurgent activity.


Following an Afghan-led presence patrol on April 10, which removed insurgents from their fortified positions in the village of Daneh Pasab, approximately 30-40 families returned to their homes and Afghan National Police set up new check points to prevent further insurgent activity. In many cases local residents were made to give up their livestock and property, and were then forcibly removed from their homes by insurgents. According to some locals, any resistance to the insurgents’ criminal demands was dealt with brutally. One local farmer claimed that the “Taliban” mutilated his arm and a leg when he refused to give up his property. Though his home was damaged during the battle, he reported it was a small price to pay to rid the insurgent intruders from the community.  He further stated he was happy to return to his home and make repairs.

ODA 1314 (Left) MSOT 8222 (Right) in the Village of Daneh Pasab, Afghanistan.
ODA 1314 (Left) MSOT 8222 (Right) in the Village of Daneh Pasab, Afghanistan.

Today’s attack similarly occurred when the combined force was moving through the area, and was attacked by approximately 20-30 insurgents firing automatic weapons and rockets from fortified positions within the village and the surrounding area. The Commando and USSOF patrol leaders, with local government support, responded with small arms fire on locations where insurgent forces were attacking. No civilian casualties were reported. The Murghab River Valley is an historically prominent geographic location, which has become increasingly important to the Afghan government as an economic artery. Roadways and ancient trade routes to neighboring countries and Eastern Europe flow through the valley, making it an ideal location for the government to improve development and assist local business. According to local leaders, the vast majority of the civilian population has been forced out of the area, abandoning their homes and property, because of the insurgent presence.

The 4th Commando Kandak and U. S. Special Operations Forces are resolved to continue protecting local communities in the Badghis province from insurgent attempts to gain ground through violence, fear and intimidation of the Afghan people. (The real version of this battle will be told in Level Zero Heroes by the Operators themselves, no sugar coating needed.)