A Fire-Rescue paramedic and a civilian were both shot by a gunman in East Dallas late Monday morning.  The paramedic was on the scene to respond to a 911 call, but it has yet to be confirmed whether the call was intended to lure first responders into the deadly trap or if it was made with honest intentions.

At approximately 11:30AM on Monday, an unidentified Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedic arrived at the scene of a 911 call along the 3200 block of Reynolds Avenue in East Dallas.  The call is believed to have been made out of concern over a possible suicide, and there was no advanced indication that there may have been an active shooter present.  According to statements made by the Dallas Police Department, someone then emerged from one of the homes in the neighborhood and opened fire, striking the first responder and another civilian that has not been identified by authorities.  According to reports, the civilian was another person that lived in the neighborhood and is now in stable condition.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedic was rushed to Baylor University Medical Center and is currently in critical condition and undergoing surgery

Local news outlets have reported that law enforcement has surrounded a building on Reynolds Avenue in Dallas.  A call for a “city-wide assist” went out early Monday afternoon, meaning any available officers should report to the scene.  At the time this article is being written, dozens of law enforcement vehicles have amassed in the area.

Media relations for the Dallas Police have released a brief statement indicating that there is no current media staging area in the vicinity due to the high danger presented by the situation.

“The entire area is still active and very dangerous.  Therefore, we cannot provide a secured staging area for the media at this time.” The Dallas Police Department released via Twitter.

“We also ask that you cooperate with the officers’ instructions on scene.  The officers’ safety, your safety, and the safety of our citizens are our number one priority while we try to bring this fluid situation to an end.”.

Unconfirmed reports say the wife or girlfriend of the shooter arrived home to find their significant other laying on the floor of the house with a long gun (rifle or shotgun).  She left the house without determining the status of the shooter and called 911 out of fear that there may have been a self-inflicted gunshot.  At that point, the suspect allegedly got to his feet and departed the building in time to fire multiple shots, including those that hit the fire-rescue paramedic and the neighbor.

Law enforcement is asking that everyone in the area remain in their homes until the situation is resolved.

It does not appear certain that the suspect is in the building that is currently surrounded, as law enforcement has indicated that the shooter may have had the opportunity to flee the scene before police could arrive.  The situation in Dallas is still developing and SOFREP will report as details emerge.

Fire-Rescue Paramedics are permitted to wear ballistic vests and helmets in Dallas ever since an ambush assault last July claimed the lives of four police and one Rapid Transit officers.  These safety precautions are considered optional, however, and whether or not the paramedic shot today was wearing a ballistic vest has not been made public thus far.


Image courtesy of the Dallas Police Department