As disagreeable as Hillary Clinton is, I’ve recently found something that I actually agree with her about.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Clinton and Trump attended the “Commanders-in-Chief” forum hosted by NBC at the Intrepid museum in New York City.  It was billed as an event in which military veterans would have an opportunity to ask questions to the two candidates.  Veterans were recruited and pre-screened prior to being allowed into the event.  I was one of them.

In her recent book titled “What Happened” and subsequent interviews, Hillary has lashed out at just about everyone and everything for her many failures.  It seems as if everyone is responsible except for her, which seems like a common running theme in her career from Benghazi to White Water.  Back at the Commanders-in-Chief forum, NBC host Matt Lauer monopolized most of the air time to ask stupid questions that everyone already knew the answers to as opposed to letting the veterans in attendance speak.

Matt Lauer used the opportunity to drill Hillary about her private email server yet again.  Personally, I think she kept a private e-mail sever for official business in order to dodge future Inspector General investigations and in order to avoid FOIA requests which her communications on government systems would have been subject to.  That said, this was besides the point at the NBC event.  Hillary had responded to these questions many times.  Every single one of us knew that she wasn’t going to admit to the truth and tell the world that she broke the law on live television so there was little point behind the spectacle.