US Army Master Sergeant (ret) George E. Hand IV

Admonishment: this essay will NOT be what many people want to ‘hear’.

“Suicide is a coward’s way out.” “When you commit suicide, you are only hurting the loved ones you leave behind.” “Suicide is for the weak-minded and selfish.” “Suicide is taking the easy way out.”

What’s wrong?

Those cliches were forged BY the living, FOR the living, make no mistake. The departed boast no controversy to those statements, for they can stake no defense in their own behalf. Therefore the cliches must be true, or…?

As I have always said there are three sides to every story, and I can speak to two of those sides.

Those cliches were wrought for the rest of the living, lest the living contemplate a like course of action for themselves. “Don’t you dare do it!” We tell ourselves and each other. “You stay right here with the rest of us and continue to persevere in your hell on Earth!” I get it; I will never drag you down into my personal hell.

What can go wrong?