Yesterday Wikileaks began yet another dump of highly classified documents and materials stolen from the US government.  This batch of data is being called “Vault 7” and includes all of the tools, tactics, and techniques used by the CIA to conduct cyber-warfare, computer hacking, and technical intelligence gathering.

Wikileaks is claiming that these files were being shared privately, and illegally, by a group of security contractors who worked in the intelligence community.  That story is almost certainly made up out of whole cloth, perhaps not even by Wikileaks, but by a foreign intelligence service that handed them stolen files.

If you can count on anything with Wikileaks, it is that they will be used as an unwitting stooge by more powerful players in the game.

While I can sit here and get depressed about how every month there seems to be a new disclosure of classified documents that hurts our intelligence gathering endeavors, there was something to come out of these recent leaks that is both humorous and interesting: The MEME Warfare Center.

One document lays out the proposed structure for the CIA’s Meme Warfare Center.  First of all, what is a meme?  The definition of a meme is: “an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.”  This is interesting because it implies that the information carried by the medium infiltrates your consciousness without you really realizing it.  On the internet, memes take the form of pictures with some words on the upper and lower registries.  For example: