(Dedicated to Mr. Henry Smith)

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For two days now the tasks seemed so mindless, always a point reconnaissance of sorts to gather information. I earnestly hoped they would ask for my reports soon, so I could rid myself of the onus of all of this damning evidence I had. I couldn’t memorize it all, so I had it written down, and hidden. Here’s how I solved the problem of safely absconding the reports (key spy music):

My room was a danger area, because ‘they’ could always roust me as they had done before. It is for that reason that you NEVER keep compromising material in your room. I wrote my reports in my room one page at a time. I tore a sheet from my notebook and laid it to write on a sheet of glass so there would be no writing imprint on the following notebook page.

I took a Chapstick dispenser and broke off most of the stick, and unscrewed the dispenser base from the stem. I stuffed the tiny folded report pages, with the even tinier writing, down into the dispenser tube, then replaced the dispenser base back down onto the stem. I made sure to rub some stick on my lips so it looked genuinely used, and snapped the cap back on.

I had noted through the bathroom window that there was a fenced-in empty lot next to the motel, with the west wall of the motel forming one of the four sides of the empty lot. It was overgrown with weeds and trash, so there was no pedestrian thoroughfare possible—good!

I always travel with a spool of black thread with a needle stuck in it for sewing emergencies. I unspooled about 20 feet of thread, tied one end to the Chapstick tube, anchored the other end of the thread into my last stick of chewed gum. I reached outside my window as far as I could, and I stuck the wad of gum fast to the brick wall. Finally, I threw the Chapstick tube out into the weeds of the lot.