(You can read part 7 here)

Dedicated with great respect and admiration to SOFREP sister Ms. Kristi B.

Peachy Atlanta had a long foot movement in store for me this eve. I groaned as I checked my map repeatedly, hoping some correction would shorten the distance between A and B. No such luck; this adventure wanted me to stroll, and by God, I was going to stroll.

The night was dropping in. The day had been a madhouse of rushing from point to point and just barely making it in time, a real cliffhanger of a day. The intent was evident: the Unit was steadfast in its intent to test the static pressure of the blood vessels in my brain. I could just picture the grading algorithm:

Alive and well: Pass
Aneurism: Fail

I managed to get back to my motel hovel nearly an hour after checkout. Upon arrival, I saw my door was yet again open. This time, I found motel staff collecting up all my effects to store them, I guess. The point is the room had to be turned over for the next guests.

I stood in the doorway, making just enough noise to cause the staff to look up and notice me. They flushed and poised to dart out the door. I blocked them just enough to force them to excuse themselves. Satisfied, I stepped aside and snorted in disgust. Well, at least I didn’t have to pack; that was done for me. I hoisted my pack over my shoulder and marched off.