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Dedication of this essay falls to SOFREP’s own brother Ryan B; thank you for your generosity in my time of need.

“Memorize this route” the driver of the temporary car I was in told me. Ol’ Jed was a millionaire first thing this morning and now I was being driven smartly along a circuitous route, one that I was supposed to be memorizing, but one that I had given up on some ten turns ago. If anything, I was just staring out the window at something memorable that happened to me years ago.

But then it happened.

“There’s a white envelope in the glove box. Take it and you are free to go.” A crack of the lid gave way to a long white envelope lying just a-top the vehicle owners manual. “Say…” I thought to myself, “That envelope is the size that airline tickets would fit nicely into.” I grabbed it and beat feet away from the car.