Former Navy SEAL Brett Jones has recently finished filming a new film called Only Easy Day. In the film, Brett plays a SEAL but in a very different portrayal of an elite special operator than what is seen in recent movies.  Only Easy Day is described as a film about a former SEAL battling with PTSD, substance abuse, “self-destruction and ultimately homelessness.”  It is also a film about redemption and regaining control over a life that has spun out of control.  We caught up with Brett and asked him a few questions about Only Easy Day.

NEWSREP: Is this your first foray into acting? 

Brett: I dabbled in high-school plays and took classes before I joined the Navy. Months before filming started, I was fortunate enough to train and rehearse with some incredibly talented local professionals. 

NEWSREP: What inspired your portrayal of the protagonist in this film?