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Most any earthly population generally runs at about a 50/50 mix of males to females (provided people can actually figure out which one they are these days), so with men being assigned some dozen wives by the FLDS church, it doesn’t take long for a glut of males to form within the community—unwanted males. To avoid such an imbalance, the church directs specific families to “get rid” of their sons.

These are typically males between the ages of (roughly) nine and 18 years old. The method of disposal: The boys are driven out and away from the Crik, farther than they can practically walk back, and are simply abandoned along the side of the road with no resources or recourse. They are warned never to try to return home.

The girls of the community are assigned to “husbands” beginning at the age of 15, though I have made mention that there are accounts of girls as young as 12 years old being “married” off too much older men, to include the Prince of Depravity himself, Warren Steed Jeffs. I placed quotation marks around “husband” and “married” because there is no legal recognition whatsoever of such matrimony within the FLDS community by the United States government. Federal crimes are going unchecked in America today, mes amis.

The Prince of Depravity under arrest and on trial in Utah (Ethan Miller, Getty Images)

An inevitable eventuality, Warren Jeffs was caught during his time on the lam by a routine traffic stop. He faced charges in Arizona, Utah, and Texas. Currently, he is serving life plus 20 years for, among a multitude of lascivious crimes against humanity, “Coercing the marriage and rape of a 14-year-old church-follower to her 19-year-old cousin in 2001.”

Ms. Elissa Wall was that little 14-year-old dear who was assigned by Warren Jeffs to be the “wife” of her cousin, Allen Steed. She suffered physical/sexual and mental abuse at the hand of her cousin for four years until she managed to escape from the Colorado City FLDS at 18 years of age.

If there is any uncertainty as to why it’s not only vigorously frowned upon but illegal to marry your family members…well, I have one word for you: Hapsburgs. The Hapsburgs were a closed Spanish royal family up until such a point they literally destroyed themselves by inbreeding around the year 1740.

Unlike many societies on the Blue Marble, we don’t hap(sburg)hazardly dream up whimsical laws, we tend to lean on cogent reasons for our legislation. We put legislation into place to keep us from marrying our brothers, sisters, and cousins because we have it on good authority from Mr. Charles Darwin that we will completely cease to be a people if we do.

My friends, the approximately 10,000 residents of Short Creek can be traced back in terms of family lineage to the names of just four men: Blackmore, Barlow, Jessup, and Jeffs. I submit to you that any enclave where so many people share the same last name might present a fine example of inbreeding. Short Creek is certainly afflicted with a wicked bout of its own.

I have personal experience with an escapee of the Short Creek society whose birth mother was also…her sister. I admit it was initially a challenge for me to wrap my head around that relationship, such that I actually needed a pen and paper to visualize it.

Some of the nearly 80 wives of Warren Steed Jeff pose with a portrait of their jailed husband. Note the traditional pastel prairie dresses of the FLDS (

The church is extremely wealthy. The congregation? Not at all. Construction has always been a heavy lifter in the FLDS finance realm. The church has a penchant for low-balling major construction contracts, bringing their own construction labor force in the form of FLDS men and young boys, all of whom work at a maniacal pace and donate all of their wages to the church. Virtually no other company can compete with such an organization.

Utah Tap and Dye, owned by Warren Jeff’s family, became HydraPak Inc., with Jeff’s father, Rulon, on the board of directors (BOD). They were the sole subcontractor to produced O-ring seals for the aerospace giant Morton Thiokol, which in turn supplied O-rings for NASA’s space shuttle program.

When the Challenger Shuttle exploded, killing seven astronauts, Rulon Jeff’s name was removed from the BOD, leaving his son to take over. HydraPak Inc. changed its name to Western Precision, and the company did a quick move to a new building they constructed in less than 30 days. The FLDS is able to effect such a feat by way of the labor trafficking in which they are involved.

A FDLS woman and two children in Colorado City showing the dress code designed to cover as much skin as possible. Boys wear long-sleeve shirts buttoned up to the collar all year-long. Girls wear knee socks, long johns, and baggy sweat pants under their prairie dresses (Photo by Getty Images).

Jeffs is in jail for life, sure. He continues to run his church and its congregation from his position in the pokey, surrounded by the po-po. He is allowed to write letters and has phone privileges that he often uses to preach sermons to his followers. Each weekend he has visitation rights with family members. He continues to steadily and unmistakably lose his mind.

How can this have happened in our country? How can it still go on, the violation of young children, the persecution and foul treatment of women, the stifling oppression and random summary dissolution of families? Why doesn’t federal law enforcement persecute such federal crimes? How, and why, would we allow such hell in the name of heaven?

By almighty God and with honor,
Geo sends