“I’m the new unit commander. If you need me, I’ll be just over there (gestures)…commanding.”

When I contemplate the drama of the changing of the commanding figure of an organization—the rotation in of a new boss—it puts me oddly in mind of some rows of wall lockers. Just rows of a few dozen wall lockers abutted against a wall. I’ll get to why in a moment.

You see, all new bosses come with a strategy on how to reverse the destruction of the organization and put it back on a path to profit again, for all bosses fancy that is why they are being hired by the company: to make it great again. That strategy is an opinion, and an opinion, as we well know, is indeed like an asshole. The strategy the boss brings to the struggle only has to make sense to one person: the boss.

Some “sheriffs” of the Fortune 500

Some bosses enter stage right and announce that all policies and procedures will remain in effect until further notice. Their intent? To showcase their due diligence in assessing the function of the organization before gracing it with their sterling and peerless wisdom. It’s a management style, sure, and I say that without suggesting one way or another whether it is a good or bad style. The boss will have years to pudding-prove his style before exiting stage left. Mad world.